“it makes us feel insecure” by Julia in her childhood room

Saturday December 22, 2018
5 minutes
The Book
Alan Watts

The nothing howls
like a deep seeded pit
writhing in the grass,
burying itself free
from the light touching
The pain lives not in the
not knowing but in
the inventing of what the
unknown might be-
could be,
never ever will be
I can hear it too if
I listen
I can see the blues and pinks jumping off its bones and into the night
streaking the silence with
premature dread
What if we never learn to
see the unseen as a gift?
What if the ache builds a
house on its broken back and
boards all the whispered wondering there?

“I liked watching him BBQ” by Julia in her bed

Thursday June 7, 2018
5 minutes
From a text 

He flips the portobello and my lip risks a twitch
I want to know what he’s thinking
If you could have any superpower…
And he says flying without missing a beat
And I say Let me be invisible
And he asks me why
He does not miss beats
Not any of them
And I say so I can watch people living when they think they’re alone…
He presses down on the mushroom with the tongs and it gives them a little sizzle
I want to be able to see what is going on inside their heads
But why not say your power is mind-reading? That’s what it is.
Because thoughts have the same super power as you do
They never stay too long to be seen
Someone walking back and forth?
That’s forever

“Sometimes I can hear Harry’s voice” by Julia at Olympic village station

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
5 minutes
Thomas Lee

When I sang to her she asked me to stop. I’d like to think if I had a child I would not let this one thing fly. Sure, throw your tantrums on the floor at the Super Low, decide that there’s too much brown in your granola bar to eat, wish for rain on the only day it’s sunny because you feel like it, fine. But I would not want a child to be a pushover unable to stand up for themselves. I wouldn’t want them to learn to swallow their tongue either and so I ask myself, how? How does one encourage self expression in others without shutting down their own organs because someone else needs to be heard? What is the balance, or is there such a thing? Do kids get to be so bold and then what? They stop needing so much? Or needing so much out loud? It’s not like you can punish a child for a crime they did not commit. It is not illegal to prefer the sound of nothing. Not even a little bit.

“So sorry mine is late” by Julia at her dining table

Saturday February 20, 2016
5 minutes
from an e-mail

I didn’t want to hand in a piece of shit and to be honest that was exactly what I was doing because once again I didn’t do the proper thing of giving myself enough time to complete an assignment.
I wish I was better at keeping my shit together but for some reason mine is the type that crumbles upon contact like a gluten free brownie and then it’s everywhere and there’s a huge mess so it’s better not to touch that shit in the first place because its disaster is a bit unpredictable. These days.
So as I was shaming myself for becoming a useless sack of wasted potential, hearing my mother’s voice ringing in my ear saying “you see you do very well even when you don’t try but imagine if you only applied yourself once in awhile you could be thriving honey really thriving,” I start formulating a half smile that depicts my insides as accurately to my English Lit teacher as humanly possible.
“I’d rather accept the consequences than try and prolong the inevitable again so here it is in all its tarnished glory and tied with a stupid little punctual bow.”

“I would have been an eighth-grader” by Julia at on her balcony

Sunday May 3, 2015
5 minutes
On Writing
Stephen Kingk

If I had stayed in class that day, I would have graduated high school, with just less than honours. Maybe less than less than honours cause I don’t know what graduating with just less than honours is even called. I would have been a person with a real diploma. I would have been a real person. But instead I skipped class with Erin cause she wanted to go to the aquarium and see what it’s really like to be trapped. I didn’t want her to go alone cause I was scared she was going to try to show them what it was like to be really free. We didn’t make it to the aquarium though. We weren’t even close…

“Variations may also occur” by Julia at Sambuca Grill

Friday August 2, 2013 at Sambuca Grill
5 minutes
McDonald’s Ingredient Facts

I’m starting to regret a lot of my life choices. Number one being the pants I bought from my friend that I thought I could turn into really cute cut-offs. Number two being that I’ve decided to document all of my bad life choices.
They say when you reach a certain age, you start to care about different things. When I heard that I laughed. Out loud. Of course you care about different things. Is there no more obvious thing “they” could say? You get older, you change your clothes, your thoughts, your hairstyle. You work hard to figure out who you are, and start to find that certain things just don’t hold your attention. Or your heart. I’ve never heard such a stupid thing. As if I didn’t know this thing in life we call “LIVING”. But even if it’s obvious, and stupid, and so damn predictable, it’s true. And what we don’t usually recognize is that we discover new things without really being aware of them in the moment. We wonder why certain friends don’t do it for us anymore, and why certain clubs make our skin crawl, ‘all of a sudden’. It’s not sudden at all. Neither are most poorly made life choices. It seems spontaneous or abrupt. It’s just not. It’s buried deep in the veins of what we truly want. What we, without eyes to see inward at the time, really need.