“I met Luke after my marriage ended.” By Julia on M’s couch

Thursday January 17, 2019
5 minutes
The Ghost of a Boy
Piper Vignette

You could say I manifested it; the end of my first marriage the way it is written. By that I mean death, and not
some fault of our own. We might have stopped trying. Stopped listening. Stopped seeing Love in the reflection of each other. I think we were lucky enough to preserve our relationship before it got so sad we committed any of those aforementioned acts of betrayal. I think those are worse than cheating anyway. Sex is something I can justify as “not personal”. But I suppose you’re right, if I claim to have manifested my late husband’s death. I guess that is a fault of my own I should be less light-hearted about. My intentions were that he would die and leave me while we were still in love. I didn’t know it would happen so soon or that it would work so well. If I believed in manifesting at all (before this) I would have made sure I had pots of money and enough hair product to last my entire lifetime. I would have manifested some inner peace.

“On the day of our wedding” by Julia at the sudio

Monday September 18, 2017
5 minutes
Swing Low
Miriam Toews

We got hitched in Vegas (no not a Trekkie wedding, even though that would have been funnier)
and decided that every year we’d renew our vows. Not the same vows from our wedding day. Those were too wine soaked to reuse. But luckily we remember deciding to write new ones for each year’s cermemony so we could include all the growing we’ve done in three hundred sixty-five days and feel like our marriage was growing too. On the day of our wedding I found out that I was pregant and I never told him. I didn’t keep the baby. I made a secret vow to myself to keep some secrets with my own heart. That I would never betray myself to ease the guilt that would one day pass. I promised him that I would tell him what he needs to know and he laughed because he was drunk, but I’d like to think he laughed because he knew that it was for the best.

“go viral” by Sasha on her couch

Saturday February 8, 2014
5 minutes

If I told you that I was a nun before I was a baker, would you believe me? I was a nun before I was a baker. I took the vows and everything. I prayed to the Heavenly Father and I wept over my love of God. Then, I met Alistair and it all went… hooey. He was a med student, paying a visit to Sister Elizabeth that had a terrible fever. We met in the hallway and he told me a joke that I can’t seem to remember. What I do remember, though, was his blue eyes, bluer than I’d ever seen them before, bluer than Lake Simcoe. We went on a walk the next day, and the Mother Superior clucked as though I was breaking some sort of rule. I wasn’t! Yet. Sister Elizabeth got better and Alistair said that he couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing me anymore. I couldn’t quite bear it either. To be honest, I’d decided on the convent when it seemed like the quietest and most viable option for someone with my education and… family. I was trying to turn my life around.