“The six methods are:” by Sasha at Black River Farm

Thursday July 24, 2014
5 minutes
Ashtanga Yoga Primer
Baba Hari Das

1. Fall into the ground, without a sound. Pretend you always meant to be there. Nothing’s wrong. You’re like a bulb. You’re going to open. It’s going to be glorious, a bit painful, and glorious again.
2. Lean back. The air will catch you with her soft hands. You’ll wonder where you’re going, where you’ve been, why you’re still alone, still dizzy, still laughing.
3. Right or wrong, flying isn’t just for birds and airplanes. You fly. You catch a wave going West and you hang on and you go and you land where you’ve never been and you’re full.
4. Draw vines on your legs. Pen, marker, eyeliner – these all work well. Pencil might hurt a bit. Close your eyes and think about your grandmother’s hands. Look! You’re a tree!
5. The turkey gets you. Don’t forget that. The turkey gets how excited you are. She’s excited too, but for really different reasons.
6. Forgetting your own obsessions is the freest you will ever be of your legacy.