“The judge sighs.” By Julia at the airport

Monday December 23, 2019
5 minutes
At the Arraignment
Debra Spencer

Being vegetarian doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. I’ve seen vegans live off of oreos and french fries. I’m not judging that, I’m fine with it. What do I care if someone wants to do sugar for beeakfast lunch and dinner. Some people are more than their label, is what I’m saying. There are also feminists who want to kill all the men. They say they’re for equality but they have some unresolved anger too. The name isn’t cut and dry just like it’s not fair to say that every indigenous person opposes the pipeline. That’s simply untrue. And racist, isn’t it? To group people together without asking individuals how they feel?

“the usual agreements” by Sasha at Moii Cafe

Monday September 28, 2015 at Moii Cafe
5 minutes
Environmental Theatre
Richard Schechner

I was a vegan for a decade and started a food blog and wrote about beans and lacinato kale and silken tofu. I was a capital “V” vegan. And then, three nights in a row, I dreamt of meat. On the first night, I dreamt of a burger – medium rare, dripping ketchup and pickle juice, accompanied by thick cut fries. On the second night, I dreamt of smoked salmon on a Montreal bagel with thick cream cheese, capers and thin shavings of red onion. On the third night I dreamt of roast chicken, marinated in garlic and lemon, a little bit sweet, with the skin crunchy. I woke up hungry, sad and confused. I woke up desperate for a butcher. I woke up betrayed by myself. It took about seven weeks for me to actually eat flesh. It took a long blog post, many tears, and several visits to my therapist.

“I think I’m crying from happiness” by Sasha at her kitchen table

Tuesday May 27, 2014
5 minutes
from http://www.buzzfeed.com

WSW. Craigslist post.
You know when you’re walking down the street, and it’s lush and things are blooming all over the damn place and you suddenly touch your own cheek and you realize “I’m crying from happiness”! That happens to me. At least once a full moon. If it happens to you too, let’s talk. I’m taller than average, with bigger than average feet and kneecaps. I like baseball hats, James Dean, the colour orange and persian carpets. I was born on the East Coast but have called Toronto home since thinking I wanted to be in Journalism and attending University and then having a quarter life crisis and quitting. Now I sometimes hang out in a tattoo parlour and I sometimes bake vegan muffins (the former for money the secondary for pleasure and bowl licking alone). I’m not a vegan, but I dabble in animal protection. I’m not religious but I believe in something bigger than my little (tall) self.