“guiding his life direction” by Julia at her desk

Tuesday November 10, 2015 at Brendee’s table
5 minutes
from a student’s short story

Met up with Cheyrl, the psychic, who was really just my friend’s older sister, Talia, wearing a kerchief and staring into lava lamps. She told me she was going to get my life on track, but first we must see the path it’s on right now. I don’t know, maybe Parker was just trying to help, but I didn’t think I needed a psychic to tell me that I was unhappy. Cheyrl laid out a deck of cards with angels on them. She told me to centre my heart’s vision on picking three cards that are spiritually calling to me. I asked her if it’s just a reaction, or do I actually hear something calling me, and if she could please tell it to me straight so I don’t have to get all up in it for nothing.

“Those were the worst nights” by Julia at her desk

Tuesday June 2, 2015
5 minutes
overheard at Higher Grounds

Trains pounding through the thin night air and landing directly beside us in bed
Mosquitoes trapped between the broken screen door and the hot summer sunset
Newborn babies trying to name their pain at every single hour
Flash floods and terrible eaves
Basement apartment and a new soggy sofa bed complete with rain-water swimming pool
Wasps building nests and forever homes in our nest and forever home
Staying up late fighting over who would get the window side
Staying up late fighting over who would get Tess and who would get Jinx

“I detested him for other reasons” by Julia at her desk

Friday February 8, 2013
5 minutes
Possible Side Effects
Augusten Burroughs

If you think about what things keep you from living, you might come up with a short list. It might be wonderfully accurate and appropriate for everyone, but chances are, it’s only a good one for you. It might have some things about “not drinking enough water” on it, or perhaps, “exercising too seldom”. It might say “horrible boss, horrible job, unhappy”. It’s not up to you to judge your own list. Everyone knows you’re already unhappy. That’s why you’re making the list in the first place. On mine, for example, there is nothing about my job. I didn’t say I love my job. I just don’t want to write it down in words because then it’s more official: not doing what I want to do. However, instead of saying “I hate my job”, I say “lacking ability to decide when it’s worth it to stop trying here.” This is terribly ambiguous. It allows it to apply to more than one thing without hating and worrying more than one has to. More than I have to. On your list, it might say “fear of going outside.” Mine says “Fear of going to sleep.” That keeps me from truly living. Truly. Living. Like the two words don’t even go together the way they should. I should also mention that dry hands may or may not be on my list. Some lists are longer than others. I tend to save the long lists for things I need to accomplish that day. This way, I can include “waking up”, “eat lunch”, “hug someone” and it doesn’t seem that hard.