“I knew I should meet you here” by Julia on her couch

Thursday March 12, 2020
5 minutes
War and Peace
Leo Tolstoy

ask me where you want to meet me in our dreams and I give you an answer that throws you off my scent. I don’t want to share my dreams with you. I want to go alone and go all the way and go to the point of no return. But if you come too what will happen? You won’t remember it the way I can. Let’s say we meet at the train station. I always say that, have you noticed? I don’t say “on the train” because I want you to get lost while looking for the bathrooms or the cinnamon buns and not make it on before departure! I want to go where my quiet train goes on my own and nobody should take that personally. I can say “let’s meet on the path” because what path? Chances aren’t high that we’d find the same path. And if we do, even after all that, we will deal with it then!

“I can’t really imagine” by Sasha in bed at Bowmore

Tuesday December 27, 2016
5 minutes
From an old journal

I can’t really imagine what he might possibly look like. I’m waiting on the third bench at the station he wrote about at the exact time, in fact, I’m early. He was the one who taught me that hunger is often thirst. He was the one who told me to never eat a peach or asparagus out of season. He was the one who told me that it can’t be a bad day if you’ve made your bed and flossed your teeth. I’m waiting. Train after train goes by and it’s getting cold in the station. I see many men that look like him. We all look more and more alike, wouldn’t you say? I stand up, when I see him, and I smile in the way that I know he thinks I look like my mother. It isn’t him. It’s a man with a beard that looks like his beard, but he’s taller, with broader shoulders.