“Better than a landfill.” By Julia at her desk

Thursday December 13, 2018
5 minutes
Brianne Battye

Dumpster diving looks different than you think it is. It is colder and wetter and darker. You need tools, like a flashlight, and bravery. You need to have a giant curiosity. Strength of wrists and will. You must be able to see the bigger picture. You must decide what is worth taking. What is worth carrying around back and forth every day until you don’t. It helps if you are a team; if one person holds the lid, or lifts it if it gets stuck. You have to generally like animals, such as raccoons. You need to be okay with collecting at any hour of the day and know that before the garbage trucks come by, or before the people walk their dogs it might be quieter and more lonely. But it’s better than having to go to one landfill, losing track of all the new arrivals.


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Happy Birthday To Us!

Today these five minutes is celebrating 5 YEARS of dipping, 5-minute writes, process over product, and of course, a daily writing practice that strengthens us and keeps us showing up.
Thank you for reading and sharing and writing alongside us. We are grateful for this community.
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Sasha and Julia

“from the ground up” by Julia at Sambuca Grill

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at Sambuca Grill
5 minutes
PRODUCT magazine issue
5 February 2013

Building a life together, me and him, him and me. Asking to borrow tools like a hammer, a wrench. Never owned stuff like that. Never knew much the point. He was supposed to know. He was supposed to reassemble my bookshelf and couldn’t figure out how. He was supposed to change every light bulb but couldn’t seem to get the wattage right. He was supposed to be the one to build me a deck, or host a night of barbecuing, and shoot projections onto the garage door for parties and late night summer romance.
He didn’t know how to do anything. He was good at keeping me from ripping my own flesh off, but never did his taxes, never mowed a lawn in all his life. To be attentive, I suppose, is a very nice quality.

Sensory dip: Little red potato by Julia at R Squared

Monday, January 7, 2013 at R Squared
5 minutes
a little red potato (sensory dip)

What a truth, that I’m holding the world in my hands.
Capability and hilarity.
What other tools do I need?
I’ll just borrow that from my best friends. They have a lot of it.
Maybe grace?
I’ll get that from my mother. She has so much I bet she grows it on to her rosemary bush and cooks with it sometimes.
Do I need anything else?
From the girl who lives down the street from me. She recognizes how crazy she is, but in a good way. She wouldn’t mind showing me how to carry it with me. I asked her once…she thinks I already have it.
The world, my world that I’m holding, feels like I could squish it.
I could puncture it but I would not be using my tools. I’d be using my emotions.
The ones involving fear.
I don’t remember from whom I received it.
Who gave me that?
Surely not my father.
Surely not my teachers.
I can’t remember if I saw it in a store window once, tried it on, and thought it looked good on me so I took it home? Or….?