“day after day we worked” by Julia in Baden

Monday December 24, 2018
5 minutes
The Swiss Family Robinson
J.D. Wyss

We bathed in the sun of the afternoon
calling licorice to our tongues
And on the heels of I’ll-see-you-soon,
we dreamt of tomorrow’s hunt
The sky opened up and licked us both-quiet and wet serene with it
We raced through time loops with a quake in our jump, a hop in our stretch
The only thing stopping us from hitting high was the high we felt from feeling it
Those golden shades that painted the night, that painted your skin, we swore by them
as cures to the ails inside of us that we did not stop long enough to notice
I was being reversed by timelessness
And you were alongside the great ravine crossing
My bravest day’s obsession
would lift the platform up a level
We threw our heads back
and laughed

“In love” by Sasha at her desk

Saturday May 17, 2014
5 minutes
from a button

Auntie Tessie and Uncle Davie were in love til the end. Tessie died when she was ninety three and Davie followed her to heaven seven months later. They were in love til the end. They’d whisper before falling asleep and when they’d wake up, in the night, they’d kiss. They would hold hands while watching the news and in the grocery store. They’d leave notes for each other. “You’re beautiful”. “I love you more today than I did yesterday”. When Tessie died, Davie knew that he was going to see her soon, so he mourned but he didn’t grieve. “See you soon, babe,” he’d whisper as he nodded off to sleep. That kind of love is timeless. That kind of love is the purest inspiration.