“with some bullshit approach” by Sasha on her couch

Wednesday March 13, 2019
5 minutes
Created By
Richard Christian Matheson

What scares us fascinates us
Oh such delicate creatures
The news is a fear machine

We glue our eyeballs to our
tiny screens and scroll
The extinctions
The exhaustions
The exhuming
The extreme

Risk and learn
Power off the empathy
because the heart can’t

bear all the hurting

Everything we do
impacts who we are
who our children are
who our parents are

We do everything in connection
There isn’t organization in the chaos

Turn off the light when
you leave the room
Turn off the tap while brushing teeth

Thank you

“Happy Monday Lovers” by Julia at the desk

Monday July 30, 2018
5 minutes
from @a_belovedgreen on Instagram

It’s raining somewhere that isn’t here.
Somewhere deep and mysterious and easy
to get to but not here because here it
is not raining. Some us of are praying
for rain, and some of us are praying at
the alter of the sun god shining, staying
up, warming our bones, illuminating all
the things we might rather go on not
seeing. And isn’t that a risk in of itself?
And yet some of us are worshiping. Some of
us really like the truth. It is a day of
reckoning when all is lit up like a beacon
of hope or desire or loud. It is a Monday
for lovers of the light and lovers of the
afternoon. I am happy loving this seminal
summer from the inside out. Hazy sky and
all, blurred lines and everything. The
colour of my new skin would tell you that.
I am out there chewing ice cubes, singing
thank you through my teeth

“I am not sure at all” by Sasha in her garden

Thursday July 10, 2014
5 minutes
from a quote by Erica Jong

You think you’re so cool with your street art and your tattoos and your ironic name. “Joan”. Your parents didn’t know that you were going to get that haircut, okay. They didn’t. When you were a baby they probably thought that “Joan” was a sophisticated, pant-suit kinda name. They definitely didn’t think about the fact that, twenty three years in the future, you were going to take MDMA like calcium, and forget the difference between “high” and “low”. I’m sorry, I know I’m being aggressive, but… I’m so fucking angry at you! You come in and you say, “Americano,” but I know what you really mean is, “I’m better than you.” And, you are. Or, your art is. How street art can be in a gallery, earning you sixty G’s a year is really beyond me, but… So are a lot of things. Joan. Next time, say “please” or “thank you” or chuck a quarter in the tip jar. Please. Thanks. Oh, and my name is Andy. Like, Warhol.

“What happens if you run the expansion backwards?” by Julia on her couch

Friday, November 30, 2012
5 minutes
Introducing the Universe
Felix Pirani and Christine Roche

Calling my bluff I see how it is. I’m not your kid but you act like you’re parenting me.
I don’t want to be your kid, for the record. I like not having any one who loves me because then there’s no one for me to disappoint. I’m just someone who does things or doesn’t and nobody can care.
But you’ve been getting awfully close to me lately, trying to buy me festive and decorative plants for my basement apartment because you think I won’t do that on my own. You don’t know if I might want to buy my own tree, feel a sense of pride. Feel a sense of ownership. What time was it when you realized I could need you?
You just swoop in and make me feel like I’m wanted. That’s nice and I don’t know much about love and stuff, but you make me want to try.
But when I say I don’t want you here, I mean it. I’m no good. I’m just messed up and I’m no good. You are better so go buy someone else blinds. I can hang sheets up in the windows. I can use old t-shirts, it doesn’t matter to me.
You stay, though. You bring me coffee on Tuesday mornings because you think I don’t sleep well on Mondays.
I don’t. I don’t know how you know that or how you figured it out. I hate Mondays, all day and night, too.
You have places to go, don’t you?