“Union dues” by Julia at her desk

Thursday February 14, 2019
5 minutes
from a tax form

Never part of the heard
Never a shepherd either
This one time, took a dance class, a lot of pointing
And flexing
At the dance class
Underarm hair, visible, peculiar
Didn’t even want to take that class
Wanted jazz
Wanted something with more jump
Never thought about teasing
Thought about jazz
Thought everyone there wanted that
Maybe next year
Never took class again
Didn’t like competing

“All the animals are laughing at us” by Julia at the Marriott in Providence RI

Sunday May 4, 2014
5 minutes
Freelance Whales

It made me laugh that you told me, Sh shh, baby, don’t be so loud, the animals will hear you, and then you put your finger to your lips as if I must recognize the universal signal for Please Shut The Fuck Up.
I couldn’t help it. In fact I hoped they did hear us. In the meeting place for animals being animals to hear or even witness two other animals being animals. I can’t remember whose idea it was to do it right there in the forrest, but either way neither of us had ever done it and we were both pretty into it. I mean, you were very much consumed with the idea that we were intruding or that we’d be disrupting the squirrels or whatever. Who cares! I yelled out at the top of my lungs, just to bug you. You threw your hands up in the air and shook your head, looking around frantically for signs of life, nature, or punishment. Baby, get over it, we’re doing the nasty in a forrest! That’s awesome! Stop wrecking it! And then you laughed for the first time and held my face in your hands and said, We are the most adventurous couple that ever lived! I was like, Yeah, that’s the spirit, now push me up against this tree. You tried doing it but you then couldn’t get over the part where the tree might be a bit pissed off that we were using her as a sex post.

“3,200 year old” by Julia on her couch

Friday February 15, 2013
5 minutes
National Geographic pull-out feature

There’s a girl I know, we call her Heather but I’m pretty sure her name is Marlene… I don’t know why she hates her name so much. It’s not a bad name just sort of an old one. There’s been a lot of teasing of Heather Marlene because she’s so quiet and likes to wear dirty trench coats. When I first moved here they said she smells like pee because she is too poor to wash her clothes that she peed in. I smelled Heather Marlene and it wasn’t that bad. She sort of reminded me of camping or cottage smells. I told them, maybe her mother does her laundry while she’s at the cottage, and they laughed at me too saying her and I should be best friends. I was nice to Heather Marlene right away because she looked sad. I didn’t want her to eat her white bologna sandwich by herself at recess. My mom likes to toast my focaccia bun and put prosciutto and mozzarella on it for me. I sometimes trade with heather Marlene so she can taste it. And also I have never had bologna before. I never asked her why she liked to go by Heather instead.