“Then it went shooting back from the window.” by Sasha on her couch

Tuesday April 10, 2018
5 minutes
Pope Hats
Ethan Rilly

Cinnamon and nutmeg
at the bottom of the cup

A tea reading of a future
I think about constantly

Okay Jessa
we’re ready for you

Why did you say yes to tea
who does that who actually says yes

I’m worthy I’m qualified I’m the best
candidate for this job

You come highly recommended Jessa
you’ve got get experience Jessa

I think it would be a great fit
I mean I think it will be a great fit

I’ll take your cup I’ll wash your cup
We’ll be in touch in the next week or two

I’ll wash it I’ll keep it I’d like to have it
if that’s okay I’d like to keep this cup

“my wrath did end” by Sasha at her desk

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
5 minutes
A Poison Tree
William Blake

When you wrote me the e-mail telling me that you’d found a hostel to work at, that you’d arrived, that you had a bed, and a roof, and a place to charge your camera battery, I couldn’t help but look up, to whoever is up there keeping the clouds round, and say a quiet, “thank you.” I hadn’t expected you to do that. To land safely. To find a place where you could live and work and settle. When I had your tea leaves read I felt like I was doing a very naughty thing. I gave the man, the reader, with tattoos of sanskrit words up and down his arms, all of the details I could think of – how you were born in a leap year; how it had taken a long time for your adult teeth to push out your baby ones; how you find your deepest solace in a deep dish pizza and a crime novel. The man, the reader, looked at me like I was the one who was crazy. I was only concerned, and filled with unbelievable love. “His future stinks of hardship…” The reader said, blue eyes darting towards the door, as if you might burst in at any moment. He wouldn’t ever have told you that to your face. He could tell me, a woman once removed from her man, a man who was her man and now is just a man, on his own. You decided to go to Johannesburg because you spun a globe at an antique shop and that’s where your finger happened to land.