“Detour 23” by Julia in a park in Lowertown, St Paul, MN

Sunday Aug 3, 2014
5 minutes
from a Pembina Hwy sign

Of course he left me. I was impossible. I smoked too much. I drank too often. I woke up late. I forgot to dust the underside of chairs, or books, or picture frames. I refused to water our one and only basil plant. I watched it die a slow death everyday by ashing into its pot. I left the TV on throughout the day. I only took long hot showers. I got Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup stains on the couch, the bed, and the wall in the front foyer. I coughed up phlegm and spat it into drinking glasses that were next to me. I dog eared every page in every book he loved. I scratched his DVD player so it no longer worked. I took the car out to the border just so I’d have something to do. I never filled up the tank for when he needed it. I chewed my nails and left the ripped bits on the kitchen table. I swore in my sleep. I never ever thanked him.
Of course he left me. I was impossible. I wanted him to go. Sometimes better people are out there beyond the comforts of “love”.

“with/without food” by Julia at Bryan’s cottage

Sunday, July 7, 2013
5 minutes
From the label on the vitamin C bottle

Oh darling, can you help me in the kitchen? We’re hosting a party and I forgot to mention that to you. It’s a little late to be punishing me but if you could chop the mango into cubes that would be helping me out. Oh darling, can you go to the store to pick up garlic and a bottle of Chianti? I know that’s what we need but didn’t know we needed it till now when I’m nowhere near the store and nowhere near ready to leave my kitchen. Oh darling, I’ll make you your special dessert, but can you help me with the living room? I’d love if flowers were in vases and sort of dispersed around the mantle and in the window sills. Lilacs, darling, and daisies if you can pick them for me? Oh thank you. What would I do without you? Tonight we’re having a wonderful party. They’ll all look at us and think, they’re so in love, look how welcoming they made the house together. Wouldn’t that be nice, darling? For them to all look at us with delight and think that?