“Harmony Organic Dairy” by Julia at her desk

Monday, August 26, 2013
5 minutes
from the milk jar holding the purple flower

we got one of those flyers in our mailbox (and by our mailbox, I mean the communal one that’s hanging outside the communal entrance to our shared, communal house), and without thinking twice, took that bad boy inside and starting making plans with it. We didn’t think that maybe one of the other 5 tenants might want to take hold of the opportunity to use this flyer, and the services it provides, nor did we think of them at all. At all. AT ALL. We took it inside, read it, shelved it, refound it, re-read it, re-read it aloud, together, and with gusto, then decided we wanted to partake, posted it on our fridge, then never talked about it again. Now, we did and still do want the organic bounty delivered to our door weekly because we thought/think it would help us expand our normal “non-cook” attitude and actually make something different (AKA something that does not or will not include/feature bulgogi meat and broccoli). We were serious about it for maybe one hour, and then we made sure it had a good magnet to keep it company on the front of our fridge (or should I say, freezer, as the part we view less frequently because we only have ice cubes and bulgogi meat inside it).

“Your efforts” by Julia on the 506 going east

Saturday, March 23, 2013
5 minutes
A quote by Jody Hayes

Heard Liam and Hannah fighting again. I could hear it through the walls, the vents.
She threw something at him, you could tell it was expensive. I didn’t want to listen but I didn’t really have a choice. Saturday morning, sleeping in, or trying to. There it was, just right above me. Liam wasn’t saying much but then every now and then he’d grunt and yell and I got worried for Hannah in case he was getting violent with her. Hannah liked to swear very much. She rotated between throwing vases and nasty words around the apartment. I guess she enjoyed the way the anger looked, all plastered to her walls like a Pollock painting.
Liam wasn’t a very talkative person. I only ever heard him speak if I was home, trying to watch a late night movie, and he was up, trying to yell at his girlfriend because she didn’t respond to his texts quick enough. That’s when I heard him the most. I thought about getting ear plugs but then I realized, I might actually miss their sounds of sadness and anger, passion and desperation, if I ever did.