“your laziness” by Julia on her bed

Friday June 3, 2016
5 minutes
The Intent To Live
Larry Moss

My laziness smells like a scab
picked over
Like the way a bad avocado tastes
Like the way tomorrow
Never means
My laziness was
Mistaken once
For fear
By a good teacher
Who wanted me
To do well
When I confessed that I
Didn’t start the things
That I meant to start
That I waited for

I thought I was
A favour
Calling out my own flaws
Before anyone else could get
The chance to
She told me that
It wasn’t laziness
That kept me
It was the fear
Of wanting a thing that didn’t want me back
But the sound of it
was like
Hot air
Pushing through..

“Bollywood Chai” by Julia at her kitchen table

Friday, July 19, 2013
5 minutes
from the David’s Tea cup

It’s nice when you meet someone who completes you. Then you fuck it all up by being flawed. I know we all are. Flawed. But I’m not just lightly dusted with them…so buyer beware I guess.
Everyone has their shit and sometimes that’s a good enough excuse. Not for me. In order of importance to me on this day, at this time only: I have bad fingernails. Weak from the lack of milk. Chipped from the climbing of fences and or trees. I wait too long to pee. I hold it in till I’m blue in the face and then I even enjoy the discomfort; the pain. I ask questions I already know the answer to just to make conversation. I eat more than my share of ketchup chips whenever I buy a bag. I lie only to myself. I’m falsely confident on most days and on the days I’m not at all, I don’t even leave the house.