“the stuff where the composition has a seduction to it” by Julia at her desk

Friday July 5, 2019
5 minutes
From a quote by Jeff Buckley

start with the eyebrow hair, gingerly plucked
by thumb and forefinger from their home there
above the eyes and do not look in the mirror

this will be your first mistake, but darling,
what is life, if not blindly ripping hairs
from your face when you begin to drift away

Write your memoir in the morning, and don’t
worry about hurting the feelings of your
loved ones, they will never read it because
you will never finish it

you will be enchanted by the possibility of all
things but your ground level conscientiousness
will prevent you from getting anything done
and you will want to blame your personality
type or your mother and both will be excuses

start with the melody, floating softly above
your cheek bones and open your mouth to catch
the drops of an almost song on the tip of your
it will feel good until it dissolves there

“Her bedroom” by Julia at LIT on College

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
10:49am at Lit on College
5 minutes
Diana Evans

It was lined with floral wallpaper but not the full wall wallpaper, just the trim or whatever. Just like -a thick strip around the top of the room. I don’t know what that’s called. It was ugly, though. I remember not liking it and if I had to sleep over it took me a while to drift off because I couldn’t stop looking at the flowers—the insecure, generic pattern that I felt, in my youth, didn’t match Cathy at all. I used to tell her every time that we should rip it down–that trim stuff or whatever–then her parents would be forced to paint it for her. She was such a prissy little do-gooder and obviously said no. So one night, when I was staying over, I waited for Cath to fall asleep, and climbed onto her dresser with a nail clipper and I peeled at the corner until the wallpaper lifted. I pulled till the strip came off where it wanted to disconnect from its mother. It felt good. It was dark so I hadn’t seen what I had done until I woke up holding the strip underneath my pillowcase where I slept on the floor.