“having petals more or less united” by Sasha in the trundle room

Saturday May 30, 2020
5 minutes
Flower Finder
May Theilgaard

She puts a magnolia in the barrel of the gun
Weeps and weeps and wails
She thinks of her mother
doing crosswords at the kitchen table
stewing chicken thighs on the stove

She wears a blue face mask
doesn’t wear contacts because if she gets tear gassed
they’ll stick to her eyes and blind her
She leaves her glasses at home
doesn’t want them to break

She can see enough to know that something is building
a rising fire tide with the crowds and the four hundred years
of brutality and systemic oppression
She wishes that she’d taken other electives when she was in college
She should’ve studied history
She should’ve read biographies

She makes eye contact with a young boy on the shoulders of his father
Broad shoulders getting him up close to clouds and perspective
a new story being written by his fingers in his father’s hair

“THE BATTLE FOR CONTROL” by Julia on the 506 going east

Thursday December 12, 2013
5 minutes
cover of aux magazine September 2013 issue

And it was a real battle
Hair pulling and ripping
Teeth grinding and popping
Skin scratched and bruised
Clothes torn and stained
It started early Monday morning at the jungle gym
Theresa was hosting a “peaceful protest” about My Little Pony being banned from recess. Turns out teachers don’t like when little girls and boys make believe they’re unicorns.
Theresa was trying to make a difference.
She was calm and she was smiling.
But Nadia didn’t think it was right. For whatever reason, and no one seemed to ask her, she was against the protest from the start. She had rallied her side and there were tomatoes and mashed butternut squash involved.
It had taken about 2 days to fully escalate.
Theresa didn’t know it was coming. Suddenly at the end of lunch, a group gathered around them, black zinc face paint under each of their eyes, and all hands cocked:
ready, aim,fire.

“The most powerful thing you can do” by Julia at London Hotel & Suites

Friday March 8, 2013 at London Hotel & Suites
5 minutes
Creative Visualization
Shakti Gawain

Change your clothes, change your mind, leave no children, leave no one behind. If you have a great idea, let’s hear it, let’s try. If you can’t answer your own questions then stop asking why.
We’ve been gathered here by a man on a mountain, preaching all kinds of truths, flowing free, Trevi fountain.
He’s been telling us which leg to put into our pants first, he has motions for the future, so many he could burst.
We all say YES. We all say yes please, then he fills our tiny heads with a thousand buzzing bees. Let them do the work inside, let them change the thinking tide, if it’s not work you like, then the rest of your life is night. Want to fly? High high high. There are no answers in the sky. Check the ocean, he swears all the cures are there. That’s his second notion; the third and fourth already prepared.
Change your clothes, change your mind, take no children, leave no one behind.
Rally all the troupes and get ready to go to battle, with a hundred hoola hoops, and all huddled just like cattle.
We all want what he tells us to want. We all need what we think we should need. A little girl in pigtails reminds us of our differences indeed.
Small and innocent. And free.