“we minimize our vast social problems.” By Julia at Bean Around The World

Wednesday March 20, 2019
5 minutes
Filling the Void: Bruce K. Alexander on how our culture is making us addicted
Jari Chevalier

1. How are you? GREAT, AMAZING, NEVER BETTER, !!!!

2. Do you need anything? NOPE, NOTHING, I CAN HANDLE IT ALL BY MYSELF, !!

3. Is there anything you would change about yourself? I’M A PERFECTIONIST SO I GUESS THAT’S MY WEAKEST STRENGTH IF ANYTHING, …


5. What do you want more than anything? NOT POWER NOT FAME NOT MONEY NOT CONTROL NOT LOVE JUST FLOWERS, !…!

“Detour 23” by Julia in a park in Lowertown, St Paul, MN

Sunday Aug 3, 2014
5 minutes
from a Pembina Hwy sign

Of course he left me. I was impossible. I smoked too much. I drank too often. I woke up late. I forgot to dust the underside of chairs, or books, or picture frames. I refused to water our one and only basil plant. I watched it die a slow death everyday by ashing into its pot. I left the TV on throughout the day. I only took long hot showers. I got Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup stains on the couch, the bed, and the wall in the front foyer. I coughed up phlegm and spat it into drinking glasses that were next to me. I dog eared every page in every book he loved. I scratched his DVD player so it no longer worked. I took the car out to the border just so I’d have something to do. I never filled up the tank for when he needed it. I chewed my nails and left the ripped bits on the kitchen table. I swore in my sleep. I never ever thanked him.
Of course he left me. I was impossible. I wanted him to go. Sometimes better people are out there beyond the comforts of “love”.

“More trees less assholes” (Image dip) by Sasha at her kitchen table

Sunday January 12, 2014
5 minutes


Look. I have something to tell you. Yesterday, when I said that I was at the Laundromat? I wasn’t. I was looking for my brother. I know. You didn’t even know I had a brother. I do. His name is Paul. He’s fifteen months younger than me. I know. I’m sor – … My Mom called on Wednesday and said that Paul was missing. He’s got a slew of things… He’s been in and out of… Anyway, she called and she was losing her mind and I had to hang up on her because I was so overwhelmed by how similar we are. Thursday was me chain-smoking (I don’t even regular smoke) and drinking coffee til midnight. Friday I got drunk with Mandy. And then, yesterday, I couldn’t bring myself to tell you any of it. You looked so handsome in that grey hat and you were so happy to see me and I didn’t want to ruin the mood. So on Sunday morning, I said I was going to do laundry but I really took the bus to Hamilton and I’ve been wandering the streets calling his name like he’s a cat.

“we deliver” by Julia at her kitchen table

Monday November 25, 2013 at the Starbucks at Queen and Bay
5 minutes
The American Express Ad
The Wifi connection page

We deliver all the things! To your front door, your back door, your wherever’s most convenient door! We even do it when you’re not looking! When you’re not home! Like crazy people wearing ski masks in the dark! Just kidding! We don’t own ski masks! But we do creep around a bit. But only so it doesn’t disturb you! Only so you can rest and relax and watch your family show with your family, in absolute peace! We know about the family show, yes, but don’t be alarmed! Every family has one. It’s an easy thing to know about a person. We also know that you were saving those frozen pizza shells in the freezer for a special occasion and when it finally came, you wouldn’t eat them because “someone” forgot to buy the proper “melting cheese”. We know about that because don’t fool yourself! That one is more common than you think! The uncommon things you do are the common things we know about. We know because we’re human beings! Human beings are connected by the root, by the guts, and by the throat on most days! Those feelings are not new. Someone somewhere has had them before. That’s a wonderful thing! Your cheese problems are not rare! You are! But the experience is shared! Don’t you see? It’s not meant to trouble you! It’s meant to free you! I am you and you are me and we are we are we are we! Say it with me! I am you and you are me and we are we are we are we. Whatever you need! You can call us and we’ll know exactly when, where and why!

“smooth even the toughest” by Julia at her kitchen table

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
5 minutes
the back of the Aveda foot lotion

From when I was young to now, to right now, I’ve been fighting with my hair! I know I know it’s sad. It’s true, though! That’s the biggest problem I have; combing out the knots and wishing I didn’t have any to begin with. My mom. My mommmmmmmm. She used to try to comb through each strand and she’d pick and pull and wish and hope and I’d scream and pick and pull and wish and hope. She was just like her mother was to her. After you’d come out of the shower, she’d be standing there with a wet comb and a half smile trying to persuade me into wanting it. I can do it myself, I’d say, but what is it with these woman who actually want to comb hair all day? They wouldn’t listen and I wouldn’t fight them because I needed all the energy I had in me to fight with my hair! It’s sad, I know I know, but it’s true!! I used to draw my stick figure self as a kid completely bald! That’s true too! Because I knew it would be easier without any of it. Without even a little peach fuzz to keep me warm!

“What do they think they’re doing” by Julia at R Squared

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at R Squared
5 minutes
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
J.K. Rowling

a man comes up to you at a coffee shop and he’s like, want me to change your life? and you’re like, no, thanks, I’m good, but that’s because you’re just too scared to say YES. YES AND (it’s all the rage these days. you’d be surprised at how many movements this thing is a part of). he’s like, want me to fix your problems? and you’re like, no, thanks, I like my problems. what? you like your problems? are you nuts? do you also eat pieces of shit for breakfast and watch the home shopping network in japanese? try again. no one likes their problems. you can’t possibly. when someone tells you they will fix it, it’s like, just let them you know? no one has to be a hero. but like, that guy, the one who comes up to you in the coffee shop, he’s the hero. because he doesn’t even know you and he wants to help you. not because he’s saving your life. woah, there, he didn’t go as far to say that he would. did he? no, no, that’s too nice for a stranger. strangers don’t do that. let him fix your problems. worst case scenario is he actually can’t and then what? well then you’re just the same as you were with the problems you always had. it’s a win-win. you could buy that guy a sandwich if you felt like it. but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. he hasn’t done anything for you yet…