“treats cognitive complaints” by Julia at her table/couch

Wednesday May 22, 2019
5 minutes
From a med school whiteboard

they always got the prescription pad ready
tell them you aren’t
like you and they write something that will make you feel like even less
what about sleep?
Doctors seem to
forget about
that one
Or someone to talk to
or listening to the underground communication network of an old growth forest
some birds have healed me before
birdsong in the morning
the slap of a hardball on leather
the crack of a bat
the perfect thumping sound a wooden spoon makes when it taps on the bottom of the pot

“STORE AWAY FROM HEAT SOURCES” by Julia at her desk

Saturday November 9, 2013
5 minutes
from the side of a box

How can I stop all the jumbling? It’s a serious question. It’s exactly what my mind feels right this very moment. It’s terribly overwhelming. I never thought having this affliction would actually end up a burden. It’s a sincerely difficult time right now. I had no idea it would all turn out this way. But I realize, I can’t even do it on my own. I cannot take care of anything while my brain is functioning at such a low level. It’s a wake up call about being alone forever, or taking in too many stray cats one night because the world isn’t a safe place after all. I just need a prescription to end this brain fiddling.