“Traditionally served with rice” by Julia on her bed

Tuesday March 31, 2015
5 minutes
overheard at Culprit Coffee Co.

There’s a stinging silence as he introduces his family to the love of his life.
He had expected this and prepared for it, but it is still happening. It is still real.
She is not the same as him (Thank God) in more ways than one.
They’re the reasons he loves her so deeply. They’re the reasons he needs her, specifically her, and why she is irreplaceable.
She calls him on his shit and challenges him when he’s being wishy-washy.
She teaches him about sharing, and avoiding waste, and saving money.
She always makes eye contact when they’re speaking.
She makes him want to play and explore and experience.
She also happens to be a hazel eyed red head with perfect freckles and a collection of fashionable wide brimmed hats.
His family wants something different for him. Something closer to what they know.
Something traditionally served with rice.

“ready for the winter season” by Julia on her couch

Monday, August 12, 2013
5 minutes
from http://www.bernhelmets.ca

Heidi was drying her toenails with a blow-dryer because she wanted to be ready for when Donald picked her up. She was debating whether or not she should even go out with Donald…because his name was just so goddamn lame. Was he a car salesman? Donald. Was he an accountant? Donald. Was he a mama’s boy? Donald. Ugh. She couldn’t get over it. If he hadn’t made her laugh so hard that fettuccine alfredo shot out of her nose the first time they met, she wouldn’t even have considered him. Donald. Ugh. Was sweet. And he had a nice head of hair. And he probably wouldn’t be opposed to being called Don, Heidi had just never asked about it yet. He suggested the board-game cafe, and she also only agreed to that because it was effing freezing out, and she swore to herself that she wouldn’t waste a patio-season night being indoors. She always felt those kind of places were winter-friendly only. And if they weren’t, it would just be a bunch of lame-os. Heidi was hoping Donald was not as lame as his name.