“Get used to me.” by Sasha on Granville Island

Tuesday June 12, 2018
5 minutes
From a quote by Muhammad Ali

Walking through the snowy trails in big boots. Snow pants making steps feel strange and belaboured, intentional, my Mom, sister and I trudge across the beaver ponds. Many separate ponds connected by banks of shore, each trek took a similar shape – elation at the cold air biting my cheeks and feeling so warm in my pink jacket and pants, white boots and pink scarf that could be pulled up to make a hat. Joy at the rush of the endorphins – being with my family out in the ponds, especially after spending hours inside playing cards by the wood stove. And then hatred – too tired, too far, too long, too hot, need to pee, “I hate this!”, tears sometimes, fights sometimes. “See that cardinal there! Look, Sash, over there by the pointy pine! See the red?!” “Oh my gosh look! Look at what the beavers did to that tree!” Eating snow.

“Don’t judge” by Julia at her desk

Tuesday September 22, 2015
5 minutes
from a calendar

Halle and I walk hand in hand down to the end of the driveway. Kristina is on her bike and she looks stupid in her pink helmet. Not because she’s wearing a helmet. But because her helmet has tassels like her bike handles do and it just looks like a the kind of bike a circus monkey would ride. Too many ribbons and too many balloons. Or so it seems. Kristina tries to stop her bike but she hasn’t learned that yet. She’s really struggling. She wants to come talk to Halle and me. Kristina finally gets off her bike and lets it rest on the ground. She also hasn’t learned to use her kick stand yet. Her face is round and rosy and the snot bubble she’s blowing never seems to pop.
“Hi Nathan, Hi Halle. What are you doing today? Want to talk about our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ?”
Halle squeezes my hand. She’s 4 and she already knows that this girl is a quack job.

EARLY BIRD by Sasha at Early Bird Espresso & Brew Bar

Monday December 16, 2013 at Early Bird Espresso & Brew Bar
5 minutes
From the sign on the wall

“Early bird catches the loyalty,” says Joan. “That’s not the – … Nevermind,” I say. She’s doing her “exercises” on the living room carpet. Her physiotherapist gave her a bright pink Elasto-Stretch band and she’s totally infatuated with it. When I’m making her bagel and cream cheese for lunch I glance over and see her smelling it. “What does it smell like, Joan?” I call from the kitchen. “Vanilla pudding,” she says, somewhere far away. “Early bird catches the foam,” says Joan, lifting one leg and then the other, the band snug around the bottom of her foot. “… Almost,” I say. I’m not doing it to be mean. She doesn’t like when I give her the answer. I’ve tried that before and it didn’t get either of us anywhere. “Early bird catches the…” She stopped stretching and is holding the band now, stroking it. I go into the living room and do a dance move that should never have been resurrected. But it makes her laugh. She says, “the worm! Early bird catches the… WORM!”