“finally coming home” by Sasha at Black River Farm

Thursday, September 21, 2017
5 minutes
From a text

Glen makes himself a peanut butter sandwich and wishes that Heather wasn’t allergic. If Heather wasn’t allergic he could bring this glorious sticky mess to work everyday and wouldn’t have to mess with salami or havarti. Glen always thinks of his mother when he packs a lunch. She packed his lunches for twelve years, and then when he moved out and went to community college, he began to pack his own. He followed her formula though – sandwich, fruit, something salty (corn nuts, tortilla chips, or almonds) or something sweet (a chocolate chip cookie, a few jujubes, a fruit leather). Her name is also Heather. HEATHER. He never knew that heather was a flower until after she died. His mother. Not the other one.

“tossing rolled oats” by Sasha standing in her kitchen

Sunday February 21, 2016
5 minutes
From a recipe

I show you I love you by toasting the pecans before putting them on top of your fruit and granola I show you I love you by making you chocolate you can actually eat with coconut oil and honey and cacao nibs I show you I love you by flipping your eggs over easy I show you I love you by making bread with sprouted flour and pumpkin seeds I show you I love you by leaving you a salad in the fridge with as much protein as you’ll need after a workout I show you I love you by buying you so much peanut butter (I never knew someone could eat so much peanut butter)

“you can power through” by Sasha on her couch

Thursday December 11, 2014
5 minutes
from a Nurofen tube ad

When Miracle makes pancakes she puts peanut butter in the batter. Then she chops up bananas real thin and fries them in butter and syrup. It’s my favourite thing. She made ’em the first night I slept over and after two plates I asked her to marry me. She laughed but she knew I wasn’t joshing.

When Miracle goes to bed she puts a hot water bottle under the covers so that her feet stay warm. “Makes all the difference,” she says. She has bad circulation.

When Miracle takes a shower, it’s the only time you’ll hear her singing. And you’re lucky if you do. She has the voice of a Hallelujah angel.

TJ & Sam by Sasha at the these five minutes: writer’s workout at the Fringe Creation Lab

Sunday February 2, 2014 at The Fringe Creation Lab
5 minutes
these five minutes: writer’s workout

TJ’s got her hands in her pockets like she’s some kinda cool kid, like she forget to lock the door. TJ blows bubbles with her gum and lets them bubbles pop on her own face and then she peels it off, bit by bit, and drops the gum balls on the carpet. When TJ makes a peanut butter sandwich she eats a spoonful of straight peanut butter, straight heart attack. She uses the same spoon for the sandwich. Who makes a sandwich with a spoon, anyway?!

Sam says nothing. He watches her and sometimes makes a small grunting sound. TJ has chosen to forget which sound means “good” and which sound means “bad”. TJ has disentangled herself from those words altogether. It’s all grey to her – the sky, the sidewalk, Sam’s hair, the snow.

“(that was such a cute plan)” by Sasha at her desk

Monday, September 9, 2013
5 minutes
We Think Alone
Week 11 from an email sent by Lena Dunham that includes a picture of herself

1. Miles Ricci forgets to take the garbage to the curb and gets very annoyed that by next week the bin will be overflowing.
2. Miles leaves the seat up in the downstairs bathroom and sometimes, he takes a dump sitting just on the porcelain. He likes how it’s cool on his bottom.
3. Miles microwaves his popcorn and then adds margarine and pepper.
4. Miles photocopies the newspaper clippings of his niece, Christina, and keeps them all stored, organized by publication and date, in dark blue binders.
5. On his mother’s birthday, Miles calls her in Florida and sings her his best rendition.
6. Miles feeds his pomeranian, Bruce, one kibble at a time. He has a weak stomach.
7. Miles irons his work shirt every day, even if it wasn’t washed. He crisps the collar.
8. Miles drives, in his Chevy station wagon with wood panelling, to the mall. He buys a pretzel. He takes the jar of peanut butter that he’s brought in his briefcase out and balances it on his knee. He dips the pretzel, repeatedly, into the jar, while sitting by the fountain.