“freckles on thighs and in-between.” by Julia at the studio

Tuesday February 13, 2018
5 minutes
Teachable Moment, 1986
kellee Ngan

you were the one who first told me about the freckle
on the inside of my bum cheek and I didn’t even
know it was there
I want to thank you now in retrospect for looking
as close at the inside of my bum cheek as you did
For looking as close at the inside of my chest
even when I couldn’t be happy for your happiness
or when I chose silence over words even though
you knew I knew words better
I want to thank you now for noticing then the trilion
tiny specks of me
the good the bad, the ugly ugly ugly
You were so patient until your patience bit
and when it did it took out a deep chunk
You always knew where to sink your teeth in
but that was your reward for paying such perfect
You told me once that my tongue whipping down your
throat was not sexy and I didn’t have the thought
to tell you then that I was holding tightly
to a thread that held your head close to mine
And I was not anything close to ready
to letting it go in case you went with it
One day I opened my fingers and you went with it
but I thank you now
the first

“Rita and Burton” by Sasha on her couch

Thursday October 31, 2013
5 minutes
Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Department package

She slurred her “R’s”. At first it was intentional and then it was habit. It’s funny how that happens (and not the “ha ha” type). She’d heard a girl in her Science class do it when asking a question (something about a proton or something) and thought it was enticing in that entirely mysterious and wonderful way. She thought maybe Burton would notice, that maybe he would notice and think, “What a phenomenal young woman with entirely few friends.” She smeared on her chapstick and laughed to loud when Burton made a joke. She put her hands in her pockets even though it was uncomfortable, even though it made her feel stuck, because it also made her feel unfathomably cool.