“and create a platform” by Sasha on her living room floor

Thursday August 29, 2019
5 minutes
from the Arts Council of New Westminster

Liam lost his job in November and has been looking for something, anything, since then. He had to borrow money from his brother. Ed works in tech. He loaned Liam ten thousand dollars at the same interest rate as the credit union. Liam took on some odd jobs (cleaning out a storage locker of an old professor, painting a bathroom, alphabetizing files for the old professor’s husband), and went on thirty two interviews before he landed something with a start up no one has heard of but most will know in six months, once the app takes off. Liam likes that dogs are allowed at the office, and that Misty, the German Shepherd with one eye, licks his fingers under his desk after he eats Doritos.

“Can I ask you somethin?” By Sasha at her desk

Wednesday November 29, 2017
5 minutes
Cities of the Plain
Cormac McCarthy

Can I ask you somethin’? In confidence? Okay so… I feel like Aggie hates me and I don’t want to be paranoid but it really sucks it really really sucks to feel like… She acts like every question is an inconvenience! She doesn’t mind questions from Paul or Tim but when I ask her a question she rolls her damn eyes and makes it seem as though I’m really getting in the way… Now I don’t wanna be a complainer or anything but… I can’t take it anymore because goddamnit I have questions! I’m new! All I have is questions!

“he comes up with a plan” by Sasha on her couch

Tuesday May 7, 2013
5 minutes
The back of The Store DVD case

He comes up with a plan, one that he deems responsible. He writes it down in a three-ring notebook that he finds on a bottom shelf at the Dollar Store. First, he goes and gets a haircut. He closes his eyes when the barber massages his scalp and he doesn’t even care if it looks dumb. He almost asks the barber to keep going for a bit, he almost makes an offer for an extra five dollars. He could probably get a whole thing of diapers for five dollars. He doesn’t ask. When he gets home, to the basement apartment that he and Polly moved in to last September when they got evicted from their last place in Scarborough, he sits down at the kitchen table and starts his plan, his list, his on-paper, written-down, how-to. Number one: get a better job. He’s been working at the No Frills in the Produce department since they got to the new neighbourhood. He worked full-time but they could barely pay the bills. Number two: start a Savings Account. He wanted that baby to get to go to college if he wanted, or go to camp, or try his hand at sailing. The savings account would be called “BABY”, and once they decided on a name he’d change it. It was a place to start.