“Am I able to follow the spirit of love” by Sasha in her new home

Friday August 30, 2019
5 minutes
Quote by M.C. Richards
“Welcome home,” I whisper
to my heart
Split like a pea
pod askew
small green orbs
on the refinished floor
sweet and tender
”You’re here now,” I say
My mother just having left
to drive across town
back to where she lives
Good to be in the same city again
It’s been too long
It’s the first night my daughter will sleep
in this house
brick by brick maybe we will
maybe we won’t
but we’ll try
God knows
we’ll try

“Rathburn Rd.” by Sasha in her bed

Thursday April 23, 2015
5 minutes
from a street sign

Joe’s biggest complaint is that there aren’t enough windows.
“It’s dark,” he repeats, fiddling with a knob on a kitchen cupboard.
Alexandra reassures him that it’s going to be fine.
“It’s such a steal,” she says, grabbing his bicep for emphasis.
They walk up to the second floor and see flashes of what could be.
“Are we ready for this?” Joe’s brows are furrowed and Alex tries not to think about how he looks like a Great Dane when he does this.
“Joe…” She kisses him and makes it last a bit longer than she might’ve, had she not been on a mission.
He sighs.
Out the smaller bedroom window, they watch Leanne, the real estate agent pace the driveway, talking on her cellphone.

“Try and make a few local friends” by Sasha on the bed in Mississauga

Monday August 18, 2014
5 minutes

I’ve never had problems making friends. Attribute it to a good sense of humour and chattiness. Attribute it to introspective sense-of-self. I’ve noticed though, in the last handful of years, a shyness. I never had it before. I’d dive in, head-first, unafraid of all the usual things. Unafraid of judgement. This shyness, maybe it’s the Fence. The Fence came when Ken left. I know that’ll make sense to you because you’ve been there. You know the Fence. In fact, you recently stipped your own of it’s white paint, happy to let the grain show.