“I am so amazed to find myself kissing you” by Julia on her couch

Tuesday December 17, 2019
5 minutes
Elizabeth W. Garber

I find your mouth there in the open like a winter song
the snow flakes landing on the tip of your lips and the cold
mixes with the hot
and the slippery touches the soft
Maybe people before have told you how superior your kiss is
because you kiss like you already know and that you like knowing

I am prancing around like some February fairy and you think
maybe, it’s cute
This is my hope, that you will be forced to kiss me with all
that sparkly dusty floating around

Before this I have kissed you plenty
And each time I think the same thing
I can’t believe I am the lucky recipient of this
hot mouth opening and closing so artfully

“only four corals spawn” by Julia at her desk

Sunday, February 25, 2018
5 minutes
Sea Sick
Alanna Mitchell

Did you know that coral is not a plant? Everybody thinks it’s a plant because of its size and the way it hangs out on ocean floors. Corals are not plants. Technically, they’re animals because they don’t produce their own food. They actually have mouths. I’m not a coral mouth expert so I can’t really say much about them, but I know they’re there because they capture food with their tentacle-like arms and then sweep it into them. They have been around for millions of years. Did you know that? I know a girl who is named Coral but I don’t think she was named after THE coral because she’s sort of the opposite of amazing. She’s the type of girl you just want to roll up in a dusty rug and toss off your 6 story balcony onto your mom’s boyfriend’s parking spot. I’ve never heard her talk about the ocean before. What a waste. Anyway, did you know that coral reefs rival old-growth forests in terms of how long they can live? I don’t blame you for not knowing that. I didn’t even know that and I’ve read EXTENSIVELY about corals.

“Empire Trinket Box” by Sasha at her kitchen table

Monday, September 30, 2013
5 minutes
from the bottom of a gift from Bowring

We’re laughing with our mouths open. We can see each others tongues, and fillings and spit. We’re laughing with our mouths open because you said something funny about the gift you gave me, the trinket box, you said something funny about “trinkets”.

“Did you read about that girl that got arrested for making a science experiment that her teachers thought might be a bomb?” You’re pretending to do our taxes. “No,” I say, working on the mittens I’m knitting for our niece. “Yeah, she was handcuffed and everything! This nerdy, fifteen-year-old girl!” You’re charmed by it. “Huh,” I say. “Isn’t that crazy?!” You want a reaction from me. Like usual, I’m not giving you the right one. “I guess…” “I mean, she’s a kid – ” “Kids do a lot of terrible things, sweetie,” I say, dropping a stitch.