“she died before age forty” by Sasha on her couch

Friday September 7, 2018
5 minutes
F*** Face
Amber Dawn

She died before age forty
and it’s okay don’t be sad about it
she was ready she’d lived
a full life
she’d fucked
and fled
and funned
and stayed
and stopped
and loved

She died before she turned forty
right but she lived more in those
years than most people live in
their eighty two or seventy six

She called her sister
before she died
because her sister couldn’t be there
she was the only on
she had two new babies
two new babes
and she called her sister
and her sister cried and cried
her nipples dripping milk
the twins sleeping beside her
she rocked them with her foot

“microwaved a saucer of milk” by Sasha at her kitchen table

Monday January 22, 2018
5 minutes
Stephanie Yorke

Gramma makes the sign of the cross and sticks the saucer of milk in the microwave. She sets the timer for thirty seconds. She stands back. She thinks about how strange microwaves are, and how her mother used to have to heat up milk on the stovetop. She thinks about how each milky molecule is being warmed from the inside, and how she isn’t sure if this is genius or Frankenstein. Maybe Frankenstein was genius. The timer goes. Gramma takes the saucer of milk out of the microwave and brings it into the dining room.

“microwaved a saucer of milk” by Julia in Ho Chi Minh City

Monday January 22, 2018
5 minutes
Stephanie Yorke

Growing up I had a friend who used to do “experiments” and mix water and milk in a bowl and then microwave it. Then she’d taste what she made and offer it to her guests at sleepovers. I don’t know why you’d call something like that an experiment. It seems pretty obvious to me what will happen when you heat up milk and water in the microwave. Once when I was over at her house working on our science fair project, she had the bright idea to make the experiment a non experiment. That’s not me summarizing the events either, she literally asked me what my thoughts were on choosing something non-experimental for an experimental assignment. So that’s how I ended up with a booth of Lays original flavoured chips and Lays original flavoured baked chips. She thought we could let people taste test both chips to see if they could identify which was which. Genius.

“I wanted to go on sitting there” by Sasha at the casita

Friday October 20, 2017
5 minutes
Daphne Du Maurer

Mama’s talking about the spaceship’s coming and Papa’s yelling at her to “SHUT UP, CLARISSA!” Petey reaches for Mama and flings his glass of milk off the table and he wails and wails. I take him upstairs and change him into his PJ’s. Mama and Papa yell a bit and Mama cleans up the mess. Kimmy still isn’t speaking and we’re all worried about that.

“The aliens are coming tonight, Phil!” Yells Mama and Papa rubs his temples like he always does.

Petey looks so cute in his one piece red number and I make faces at him so he doesn’t hear the strangeness. He smiles his big toothless moon smile and for a moment everything feels alright.

“soothingly soft” By Julia in her bed

Saturday February 4, 2017
5 minutes
from the facial tissue package

The soul, I imagine is butter smooth and custard soft. It is graceful. The soul is an aerialist. The soul is tender wise and Meryl Streep. The soul is firm but lovable fifth and sixth grade teacher. The soul, is upward direction, launched and soaring, silk scarf decadence in flight. The soul is skin milk and honey.

“Stufo (agg) fed up (with)sick (of) ” by Julia at Il fiume in Monetelone

Wednesday September 17, 2014
5 minutes
Availiardi Dizionario Italiano-Inglese

After my nap I wake t the three cats in heat moaning to be let inside. I begged Mira not to feed them the very first time they showed up at our door and she refused to listen, claiming I was an insensitive product of my own eternal cynicism. I told her I had heard that cynicism would change the quality of our lives and she shook her head while pouring milk from the height of her hip into two tiny yogurt containers on the landing. Now these cats, thought I could have predicted it, are outs and we have to love them or it might, heaven forbid, breed more insensitive cynicism. I don’t love these cats. I don’t love most cats. I tried to give them a piece of my heart but in their eyes I see a great manipulation and a hunger that can’t be trusted. I think they see that in me too, even though I reluctantly feed them now and sometimes throw bits of yarn their way when I feel like attempting my good deed for the day. Mira never seems to be here anymore–always working late nights at the factory. I’m left here with these little gypsy cats more than I’d like.

“easy as a rag doll” by Sasha on her couch

Sunday February 3, 2013
5 minutes
Not Wanted on the Voyage
Timothy Findley

The instructor? Her name was Kimmy. Curse the parents that name their daughter Kimmy! She is destined for the stripper pole or, like this one, the aerobics room in the community centre that smells a bit of cat pee. Kimmy was in neon leg warmers and a black unitard. If they measured her body fat I can tell with complete certainty that it would be minus ten percent. Minus. Her hip bones poked out and her tiny, cupcake breasts bounced just so as she jumped and danced around. I borrowed one of Sam’s hockey T-shirts. I strapped on a four clasp sports bra. I wore old, green, men’s waffle long johns that gave me a significant muffin top and were missing one of the buttons at the crotch. Kimmy came over at the beginning, as I was trying to stretch like the rest of the ladies and she said, a little sorry for me, masked by enthusiasm, “Is this your first time?” I wanted to donkey kick her. I nodded. She whispered, “I’m going to suggest that you stick to the back of the room so that the more advanced students can really, you know, guide you through the moves…” “I plan to.” I said. “Did you bring water?” Asked Kimmy, eyelashes fluttering. “No,” I said, “I brought milk.” Kimmy wrinkled her nose. Her freckles overlapped on one another and I wanted to take her face in my hands and grate them right off with a cheese grater. “Ew…” she said, very quietly.