“warmest of wishes”by Julia at her parents’ kitchen table in Baden

Tuesday December 24 2013
5 minutes
A Christmas card

Selling them by the basket, by the armful. Wishing they were smiles or something simple like that, something that wouldn’t require payment at all. Rode all night in a car without heat just to be ready in the morning for the swarms of people, the origin of the exchange. Couldn’t wait to tell them, reduced prices for today only! Waited all afternoon by the machine while it pumped out the heart songs, the warmest wishes, the apologies. Nothing is free anymore. Nothing is free but at least these ones aren’t expensive. Excited to set up shop on the street, reserve a spot that can be decorated with love and kindness. Then when the people see how easy it is to give them out, they’ll buy more just to give the rest away to their loved ones. They’ll smile without buying a smile. They’ll forget that once it felt complicated. That’s the hope. That they forget whatever reasons made them refuse to buy before.