“deposited myself in your softest corner” by Julia at her desk

Monday August 26, 2019
5 minutes
Your Room
Robert Sherrin

I saw him at a distance and couldn’t get my
soft away from the bone in time

I needed to do something different in this
case, in this particular case, a few limbs

now unhinged and so we tell them this story
A wish is not usually enough, we tell them

but in our case it seemed to work out fine
so we always keep fallen eyelashes in the

special jar that we see every time we open
the fridge or put on the kettle in the morning

He saw me at a distance and couldn’t stop
wondering at the smell of me long enough

to keep himself away from each and every
part of me worth sniffing

We tell them, if they ask, or if they don’t
we tell them this story

“Before Tampa” by Sasha at the Diamond Centre

Friday February 10, 2017
5 minutes
The Edge of the World
Connie May Fowler

Before Tampa there was Santa Cruz. Before Santa Cruz there was San Jose. Before San Jose there was Seattle and that’s where the story really starts. I was busking full time and would go warm up and use the bathroom at the bookstore on 10th Ave… It was a cold winter that year, and my finger tips would turn blue after two hours of playing. I saw Greg. He was a cashier. I didn’t have a thing for ponytails or anything. He was too short, he looked dumb in his running shoes. It’s not like I believed in love at first sight, not prior to that moment. Greg didn’t notice me, not for weeks. I realized that I was going to have to buy something. I picked up a copy of Crime and Punishment from the discount bin and brought it up to the cash.

“MOD, MINI, METALLIC” by Julia at Sambuca Grill

Friday January 3, 2014 at Sambuca Grill
5 minutes
vintage shop on College

I haven’t seen her face yet. Just her skirts, and like, her hair from the back. I know I like that side of her a lot. Weird, like, I start imagining her face but there’s nothing specific about her features. You know, I just can’t seem to see those things, and yet, I know exactly what she looks like. Maybe cause I don’t want to wreck her. Or my expectations. Okay and I know that about myself. I can get my hopes up pretty high for practically anything and this is no different. But I don’t want her to fall short of my expectations without her even doing anything wrong. Not that she can. I mean, the girl is beautiful. I’m telling you, her legs. And that’s even when she’s wearing pants. It sounds so dumb to say it out loud, but I think this is how everyone should get to know the love of their life. Like, I’m not stupid and I know I don’t love her yet. Just I also know I could. And easily. I don’t know what she looks like. But that moment when I finally see her face…that first moment…it will be like that moment on Drop Zone where your heart shoots through your body and everything just…drops. That release, the difficulty to catch my breath…Yeah.