“Celebrate your inner Scot” by Julia on her couch

Friday January 25, 2013
5 minutes
Robbie Burns Month Card

I was releasing my dog, Wendy, to go do her, you know, her daily business.
She was taking forever so I started a load of laundry. Had to wash Benjamin’s kilt, which was fine, because he wanted to wear it to Joanie and Tanya’s wedding. I think he’s a good boy, good head on his shoulders, but he’s as weird as he is good. We’re not even Scottish. Why would he want to wear a kilt, I’ll never know. But oh well at least he’s not smoking crack–which is an extreme, I know, but he’s my son, so I think I can afford to be extreme.
Anyhow, where was I? Oh right, so I let out Wendy, she’s taking forever, right. She starts barking. Screeching, actually. I could hear her from the laundry room, so I leave the load, and Kier’s little kilt. I go up and she sounds like she’s gotten into a fight with another animal. My first thought was what if it were a skunk! So I stay out just to be safe because I can always wash Wendy later. Then I wonder, no, is that a coon? Or what? Another dog, surely not.