“Union dues” by Julia at her desk

Thursday February 14, 2019
5 minutes
from a tax form

Never part of the heard
Never a shepherd either
This one time, took a dance class, a lot of pointing
And flexing
At the dance class
Underarm hair, visible, peculiar
Didn’t even want to take that class
Wanted jazz
Wanted something with more jump
Never thought about teasing
Thought about jazz
Thought everyone there wanted that
Maybe next year
Never took class again
Didn’t like competing

and all the sheets drift jazz” by Julia in her bed

Sunday September 2, 2018
5 minutes
Bad Boy’s Slut Song
Nick Comilla

I told him I didn’t like jazz. Said the music made
my brain feel like a loaf of bread left sitting. He wanted to convince me that there is some good jazz. He said he knows the kind I’m talking about: elevator, supermarket. I said yeah but it disrupts me on a cellular level when it’s bad. I don’t trust people who say they like jazz. Like why.
He told me he liked jazz and I would have to stop generalizing. Like do you leave someone over jazz? As in can’t support someone who loves it or can’t be with someone if they can’t get with it?

“As I held his hand he would have tremors and small jerking movement” by Sasha at the CSI Coffee Pub

Wednesday February 5, 2014 at the CSI Coffee Pub
5 minutes
Learning To Love You More
Harrell Fletcher & Miranda July

Don’t stop the music comin’, baby. Gimme that Louis Armstrong, the one with the blue sleeve. Bring me the cantaloupe, would ya? CeeCee cut one up and it’s in the fridge.

God. I love this song, baby, come and hold my hand and let’s just listen and forget about all the other things, the bad things.

Take your vitamins, baby, because you only get one body and you only get one chance at life. Your mother believes in that reincarnation but it’s a load of crap. She let’s herself off the hook with that. I don’t think tattoos are a good idea but if I did, and if I had to get one, a gun to my head or somethin’, it would be “Carpe Diem”.

You know what that means?


It’s juicy. Hard to find a juicy cantaloupe in February.