“make strong choices on the fly” by Julia at her desk

Sunday November 8, 2015
5 minutes
from nativeearth.ca/w28series/

Okay so I started taking this improv class-that’s what they say, it’s so cool, they don’t even finish the word. It’s every week on Tuesdays and the class is 3 hours long and it is the best thing in my entire life. It’s so funny. People really are hilarious in this class so I never feel like it’s a waste cause I’m always laughing and sometimes till I’m crying and that is the best feeling. Our instructor, Vijestica is a hobbit sized woman and she has a big laugh that starts, I am convinced, in her groin. She’s always snorting and shooting snot out of her nose because she loves to laugh and gets us really excited about our choices! In improv you learn how to YES AND which means nothing is wrong and everything is a good idea and you say yes to the first choice that comes and just keep building on that until you’re really rolling with it all and the jokes just flow and the laughs just follow. Vijestica says this is a safe place to leave the everyday at the door. I am so glad to leave my everyday at the door because working in a cubicle the size of an outhouse in my everyday is actually the thing that might kill me. It’s awful, there’s no silliness or fun, only deadlines and people telling me “nice maroon sweater, Alma,” or “Did you eat my peanut butter tuna sandwich, Alma?” Here, in improv class, we all just smile and tell each other how great and brave we all are.

“Grazie e Arrivederci” by Julia at her kitchen table

Sunday October 19, 2014
5 minutes
From a receipt

I had my own news show for a year. I cut out square in a microwave box and propped it up on a music stand. I glued a stick to the back of it and held it like a puppet. It was a real masterpiece. My 8 year old self would have been very pleased. Back then I didn’t have such elegant props. I had to improvise a lot. I had to rely on my imagination for everything. It’s really hard to produce a watchable television program without proper equipment and the right quality of cardboard. Try getting viewers with sub-par materials! I’m telling you, it makes you look cheap and no one will take you seriously, even if you’re reporting on relevant or exciting events.