“her sarcastic curl of a smile” By Julia at Ocean Village

Monday February 4, 2019
5 minutes
Finders Keepers
Stephen King

It’s the seconds in between two very different things.

Before you decide, you have to know beside which two things you stand. Here, an example, and one for me that I can articulate, could be the same or maybe similar for you.

I stand here and likely always, before a Love choice and Delay choice.

There is nothing cheeky about me saying this now even though you might know me as someone who smirks in her sleep, protecting herself against what is absolute. I mean all of this. No sarcasm. No holy joke.

A Love choice is something that will only add to existing Love, creating more, or creating more opportunities for Love to be made. They are decisions that contribute, heal, help, celebrate, cleanse, trust..

Delay choices are simply the ones made out of fear of the existing love leaving the immediate experience.

“breaking laws and regulations” by Julia on her couch

Sunday February 22, 2015
5 minutes
Nothing But Money
Greg B. Smith

She never had a record until she did and couldn’t say that anymore. She didn’t say it enough, in fact, when she could freely and honestly do it. Now she has to announce that it’s no longer clean, pristine, untouched. She has to tell potential employers that she isn’t legally allowed to drive until 2017 because of a current DUI charge. She’d like to tell them that it wasn’t really her fault in the first place, but people don’t hear excuses when all they can see is “criminal record”. Criminal. That’s what she had become. And again, she wished she would have started more conversations with “I’m not a criminal” because now she isn’t able to identify with anything else. She hugged the woman she got to chatting with in the line at the post office who said to “try to stop identifying yourself with things in this world. Things are not you. And you are not things. Your failures do not define you. Your successes, though we’d like them to, don’t either.”

“strengthened from within” by Julia at Belly Acres

Sunday, September 1, 2013
5 minutes
an Organix Shampoo ad
FLARE magazine

Henry was waiting at the bus wearing his Sunday best and his first ever pair of prescription sunglasses. He was seeing the world with new eyes, literally, and couldn’t be happier with his commute to work. Henry liked his job just fine, never complaining about the long monotonous hours, the meticulous details of the mundane routine. He had learned to understand that his work was just a means to an end and that it wouldn’t solely identify him or put him in any particularly labeled life box. He was wearing his best suit to prove to himself how important it was to dress for success: to not save fancy outfits for the “better day” or “better situation” because if it never came, then you also never would have gotten the chance to wear the suit. Henry felt very confident in his positivity. He noticed how great it felt just at the same moment a car drove too closely to him, splashing him with left over rain water.