“Supposing the force of gravity in any similar medium” by Julia on her couch

Wednesday March 11, 2020
5 minutes
Newton’s Principia: The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy
Sir Isaac Newton

We all head south as the years pour out
Tonight, same as last, I made a choice
Not to take advantage
Not to rumble with someone else’s expectations
And I travelled down
because it hurt
the person who expected
And it begged the question
Was this decision made out of fear or out of truth
And trust it’s truth
I can always access it there in the fleshy undertones of my face and wonder if it was there all along

I ask the question
Measure twice
Cut once
Be a big decided sinking thing
And travel to the south of me
Gravity dragging me to my knees
And that is where humility can find you
Breathing in something like air only different
Release maybe in the form of swollen ankles
Look at how long you have been holding yourself up
It says
And I listen
I don’t quake in my boots at the big decision but at the hurting hearts
The weight bearing hopeful hearts

“What can I do for you?” by Julia on the subway going West

Monday March 2, 2015
5 minutes
From a Pattison subway ad

She listened with a humility and a grace that couldn’t be articulated. You saw it in her face, the way she smiled with her eyes, the way she held the room with her silence. I didn’t know if I was watching the speaker or the listener, the dreamer or the doer. She was everything at once, and everyone without noticing. There was a love in the room, a moving buzz through the place, almost singing the same song, almost humming a non existent tune. It was bigger than us. It emanated through our eyes as we connected our souls to a soul with infinite outlets. “Plug into me,” she whispered, “I have enough light for all of us…”