“you can power through” by Julia on the tube heading west

Thursday December 11, 2014
5 minutes
from a Nurofen tube ad

Dear Hannah,
There are lights in the trees here. It’s so nice to be around a place that cares enough to put lights in their trees. Really makes you feel like you’ve found a spot worth staying. They assure you with their details. With their simple adjustment of the everyday. No snow yet! Got a bit lucky there. I know, I know, grow up, buy proper shoes. Boots! I know, I know. You would hate how cold it is without even having snow. My ratty sneaks will live to see another week!(or at least that’s what I’ve been praying for 😉 …sorry!)
I’m finally eating vegetables and drinking more water. The probiotics are helping but I still dream of salted caramel hot chocolate. Today I feel less alone than yesterday. Something in the air I guess. Trying to power through, like you said.
Talk soon?
Miss and love.


“We see the memory” by Sasha in the car on the way to Lethbridge

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
5 minutes
The Lost Hotels of Paris
Jack Gilbert

You tie your shoelaces very tight this morning. They break. You curse God. It’s not God’s fault but… Whatever. God forgives you. You see the memory before you, playing in sepia-tone, the memory of your older brother teaching you how to tie up the laces of your hockey skates. He was gruff about it, as usual, but caring, too. He kept repeating, “The bunny-ears, goddamnit…” He sat with you, on the bench, as you tied and re-tied. He cursed, but he sat. He didn’t circle the rink doing his fast stops or skating backwards. When you finally got it, tying your skates up perfectly six times in a row, he bought you some watery hot chocolate from a machine where he put in a loonie and a cup ejected.