“hitchhike into the wilderness” by julia on her couch

Saturday February 23, 2019
5 minutes
Trail’s End
Sy Safransky

I have hitchhiking thumbs and you’re busy singing that Beatles song
“If there’s anything that you want, if there’s anything I can do—“
And I want to tell you that all I want is for you to please shut the hell up
I’m trying to get us further down this nightmare highway but you never learned to read the room
I half expect us to get stuck cause of you putting out that vibe that is so different from mine
You are having fun, I guess I can’t begrudge you that
Maybe thanks for keeping it light
I admit the accent you do is pretty cute
One more
Hour won’t kill me
“With love from me, to you”

“hitchhike into the wilderness” by Sasha at her desk

Saturday February 23, 2019
5 minutes
Trail’s End
Sy Safransky

Dragonfly and I hitchhike
to the tidepools and the lagoons
her in a floppy straw hat
and me in a floral sundress

We’re living in an intentional
community on the Big Island of
Hawaii and we’re chopping sugar
cane with machetes and making
papaya salad in exchange for
yoga and meditation classes
and learning how to co-habitat
with a dozen other seekers

In the tidepools we spot
starfish the size of a child’s
head we float on our backs for
hours in the lagoon
We eat three different kinds of avocados
with spoons

“Hitchhiking” by Julia on Jessica’s couch

Monday January 1, 2018


5 minutes

Trek: A Publication of Alumni UBC

Have you ever hitchhiked? Have you ever held out your best thumb and thought, I might die trying to get myself from this roadside to, I don’t know, say, Philadelphia? I’ve never done it. I would be the kind of person who makes the other person nervous because I’d be so awkward. I also think I’m afraid of being kidnaped by the wrong person. The kind of person who’s been driving back and forth on dirt roads looking for the most naive person to steal. I used to think I could ask anyone for a ride. But then again you don’t hear too many stories about the bad-lucked girl who invited herself into a murderer’s pick up truck. I mean, you hear those stories, but by then it’s too late.

“they forgot they had committed a crime” by Sasha on the Bathurst streetcar

Monday, November 18, 2013
5 minutes
Urban Myth the board game

It wasn’t an intentional type of thing. They had forgotten that they had committed the crime. It was the kind of selective memory that kids use on their second grade teachers in regards to spelling lists and book titles. They broke out of Kingston Pen and hitchhiked to Peterborough. “Let’s go to the edge of the world,” Lou said to Felix. He wasn’t having it. “Let’s get ice cream,” Lou said. Felix wondered why they’d ever thought leaving the warmth and the books and Katherine the smiley supper lady was a good idea. When Mr. Bartholomew picked them up and said that he was, in fact, going all the way to Peterborough, Felix said, “Thank you, sir. We won’t be any trouble.” Bartholomew wasn’t so sure, but he’d once been the one down on his luck and God had given him a helping hand. The three men hadn’t spoken much at first, until Lou farted so bad that something had to be said.