“rather than something crafted from odds and ends” by Sasha at 49th Parallel

Sunday November 23, 2014
5 minutes
from a quote by Mary Catherine Bateson

found our way back to his place
his place
i usually prefer to go to my place
but the cat barfed on the carpet and so it smelled like
egg salad
i wasn’t sure how to do it
breach it
did i just grab his hand and put it on my crotch?
why would i do that
too abrupt
too out there
too in your face
i’d caught him staring at my adam’s apple
a small one
but still there
still not the woman i want to be
i caught him peeking down my shirt too though
found our way back to his place and we’re on his couch
and we’re kissing
soft lips
soft lips he says
and i’m saying
hold on
hold up
i’m i’m i’m i’m i’m