“You must unlearn the habit of being someone else” by Julia at her desk

Saturday March 9, 2019
5 minutes
A quote from Herman Hesse

I say this to myself. I say this to you as me thank you universe as mirror
I started this thinking I was going to channel someone else’s tone and make a profound discovery about all my major opinions. I wonder who she wanted to be like or sound like or only wished she could express half as well as. Maybe I’ll ask her that. The first breeze of the morning. I’ll bet she’ll say something like that as her response. Something loose like an escaped curl from a tight bun. She’ll say that was her inspiration. That was what she tried to emulate. I could use my own voice but I’m still not sure which one she is.

“something wonderful happens:” by Julia on the 84

Sunday, March 18, 2018
5 minutes
A Marriage
Michael Blumenthal

When the days go by without poetry
I am lost inside the labyrinth my own making has built for me to conquer
Busy relearning how to walk
with two new feet that have not yet carried this heavy
The hero’s journey has always been someone else’s movie
And I have not watched myself transform into grace from the sidelines
Inside out she is begging to be fed
That I may find my appetite for words the way I once did in the weeds and speckled laneways
She is the hero waiting
Outside is not safe and she knows that
She wants out anyway but there are more protectors at the gate
More worried hearts preoccupied with the consequence of light
First I must put her ease in plain view
Ask her if she’s sure and if she is how sure
Something wonderful happens when I let her speak
When she sees a door and calls it a wishing well.

“be this comfortable” by Sasha at Blue Skies Folk Festival

Saturday Aug 2, 2014 at Blue Skies
5 minutes
dipped from Joe’s wallet

When Marc and I roasted those awful hotdogs on the fire in July 2011 until they bubbled, he told me about the time he paddled in the Arctic. I made him into a statue, no… I made him into a hero. It’s hard when your hero falls from their high up place, you know? That really sucks. When Marc and I snowshoed in Algonquin Park in February 2013 he told me he’d never felt so at home, so content, so comfortable. My toes were freezing, but I nodded. He was still my hero. This year Marc climbed Kilimanjaro but I stayed home.

“STAY THOUGHTFUL” by Julia at the Holiday Inn in Charleston

Tuesday April 29, 2014
5 minutes
The Holiday Inn note pad/em>

According to Dale, women shouldn’t have to pay for their own meals. Carmella agreed with this notion because she worked as an underpaid nanny and couldn’t avoid the trap of wanting and needing free things.
Dale and Carmella met at the carnival two summers ago when Carmella was struggling to find enough coins to pay for her burrito-dog and Dale had watched with a glint in his eye from a distance. He waited till it was the right moment and came up, placed 2 dollars on the Carny’s counter and began to walk off.
Obviously Carmella had chased after him, wanting to thank him for his heroic act, and Dale knew exactly how it would go.
Thank you for..you know, you didn’t have to do that..
I know.
(turns back to keep walking)
Wait. That was..
It’s okay.
No, that was nice. Nobody’s ever..done anything like that–
It’s totally fine, really.
For me before. So.
Can I buy you a drink?
I don’t know can you?
(embarrassed laugh, shy eyes)
I could in a couple weeks?
So let’s do it then.
In a couple weeks?
Yeah, why not.
I’ll take you up on that, you know.
I hope you do.
(turns back to walk away)
(turning back)
What was that.
I said I can’t believe I got so lucky…

“not a single hero” by Julia at her desk

Sunday May 12, 2013
5 minutes
The front page of the Sunday Star
Sunday, May 12th

Artie had cabin fever. He hadn’t left his house in months but to Artie, it felt like years. No one came to visit him, even after the big accident. He didn’t know if someone, his mother, had told everyone to stay away. He didn’t ask. He didn’t want to know. If he discovered that she had not said anything to anyone, then it’d be worse to think that not a single hero did he know. Sure it would have been shocking to come by the house they all knew so well, and all practically elected as the common grounds for Friday and Saturday night affairs, and see the person they thought they knew one way, in a completely different world. Artie had conceded himself to the notion that if he had any real friends, they would have all come by now and he wouldn’t have to worry if they would still love him, even after what happened. But when your friend that you know and love, suddenly becomes a murderer, things inevitably change…a little. Not that Artie was a murderer. He didn’t like that word. But some people in the town didn’t quite know how to reference him any longer. He hoped for a minute, that his mother did in fact tell them to keep their distance while Artie got better. He really, really didn’t like that word..

“What do they think they’re doing” by Julia at R Squared

Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at R Squared
5 minutes
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
J.K. Rowling

a man comes up to you at a coffee shop and he’s like, want me to change your life? and you’re like, no, thanks, I’m good, but that’s because you’re just too scared to say YES. YES AND (it’s all the rage these days. you’d be surprised at how many movements this thing is a part of). he’s like, want me to fix your problems? and you’re like, no, thanks, I like my problems. what? you like your problems? are you nuts? do you also eat pieces of shit for breakfast and watch the home shopping network in japanese? try again. no one likes their problems. you can’t possibly. when someone tells you they will fix it, it’s like, just let them you know? no one has to be a hero. but like, that guy, the one who comes up to you in the coffee shop, he’s the hero. because he doesn’t even know you and he wants to help you. not because he’s saving your life. woah, there, he didn’t go as far to say that he would. did he? no, no, that’s too nice for a stranger. strangers don’t do that. let him fix your problems. worst case scenario is he actually can’t and then what? well then you’re just the same as you were with the problems you always had. it’s a win-win. you could buy that guy a sandwich if you felt like it. but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. he hasn’t done anything for you yet…