“You will be very welcome” by Sasha on the comfy chair

Sunday March 15, 2020
5 minutes
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
L. Frank Baum

You will take yourself to the quiet of the centre of the forest.
You will tell yourself that you’re sorry for all the times you betrayed the quiet knowing in the space below your heart, the space around your heart, the pearl in the cavern of your heart.
You will drink from the well where your mother drank when she was ripping stickers from the life she thought she’d sewed. We never know. We really never know.

You will wait for dusk and greet him with a kiss.
You will paint your face with the colours of the sunset, relish in the dusty pink and cool grey.
Wink the happy birthday song, even though it isn’t your birthday, but it will be, and why not.

“But we will judge you.” by Sasha at her kitchen table

Monday July 28, 2014
5 minutes
from www.winnipegpoetryslam.wordpress.com

I won’t judge you if you eat peanut butter and pickles.
I won’t judge you if you “forget” to floss your teeth.
I won’t judge you if you bite your toenails.
I won’t judge you if you don’t clean your room.
I won’t judge you if you make modern art.
I won’t judge you if you swim naked.
I won’t judge you if you call me names once or twice, in the heat of the moment.
I won’t judge you if you make up your own “Happy Birthday” song.

I see you as I never have before. You’re running. You’re burning.

“(that was such a cute plan)” by Sasha at her desk

Monday, September 9, 2013
5 minutes
We Think Alone
Week 11 from an email sent by Lena Dunham that includes a picture of herself

1. Miles Ricci forgets to take the garbage to the curb and gets very annoyed that by next week the bin will be overflowing.
2. Miles leaves the seat up in the downstairs bathroom and sometimes, he takes a dump sitting just on the porcelain. He likes how it’s cool on his bottom.
3. Miles microwaves his popcorn and then adds margarine and pepper.
4. Miles photocopies the newspaper clippings of his niece, Christina, and keeps them all stored, organized by publication and date, in dark blue binders.
5. On his mother’s birthday, Miles calls her in Florida and sings her his best rendition.
6. Miles feeds his pomeranian, Bruce, one kibble at a time. He has a weak stomach.
7. Miles irons his work shirt every day, even if it wasn’t washed. He crisps the collar.
8. Miles drives, in his Chevy station wagon with wood panelling, to the mall. He buys a pretzel. He takes the jar of peanut butter that he’s brought in his briefcase out and balances it on his knee. He dips the pretzel, repeatedly, into the jar, while sitting by the fountain.