“Come visit me in Halifax soon!” By Julia on her couch

Tuesday July 30, 2019
5 minutes
From a thank you card

I remember visiting Halifax for the first time and I thought your parents’ place was right around the corner. Nope. It was a few hours away. There were way more mosquitoes. And I loved it. Not the mosquitoes-those bites swelled up as big as golf balls. But your family? Welcoming me with a huge pot of fresh mussels? I was in east coast heaven. I could have married you right then and there.

Your mom showed me photos of your playing with a guitar when you were so small and it melted my heart. I loved you even more seeing you with them. They loved you with the biggest love I’d ever seen.

When we went to see the whales, everyone said that each time on the boat they’d seen them. I didn’t see any whales and that was the only disappointing bit.

I will always remember your mom razzing me about being short, like an elf. I really hope she’s well. And your dad. I hope your sisters are great. And their kids. I don’t know how many there are now…

We were so young back then. We were so open to everything.

“I am a taffy snob” by Julia in the stairwell of the Artscape Youngplace building

Saturday May 30, 2015 at the Artscape Youngplace Building
5 minutes
From a text to Julia

I was in Halifax when I tried my first piece. Salt water. Perfect Melting New Religion. I bought 6 lbs of the stuff and threw out a pair of running shoes and a flask so I could fit it into my suitcase.
Emmy said, “I would have taken those shoes!”
Taryn said, “you know you can buy that stuff in Ontario too, right?”
But I knew it wouldn’t have been the same. It was like entering a childhood backwards, and experiencing something that was never mine but felt like it was meant to be. Now I don’t go for any old taffy. And why would I? I don’t hate myself for Christ’s sake! Why would I walk if I could run? No scratch that–FLY.

“lives right here in Halifax” by Sasha at her kitchen table

Friday February 21, 2014
5 minutes
The Vinyl Cafe radio show

When you say that you live right here, in Halifax, I’m taken aback. “Oh,” I say, looking down at the snow melting. “I grew up in St. John’s but came here for university,” you blush, like your education is something embarrassing, like you might be losing your footing now that you’ve met me. “I’m from…” I don’t want to say Toronto, because you’ll probably judge me, you’ll probably think that I don’t make eye contact when I walk past a kindred spirit on the street for fear of disrupting the pace of the moving people. You wait, so patient, lips questioning. “I’m from Kingston. I live in Toronto, but I was born in Kingston. Near the water.” I add that last bit because I think, perhaps, it will make us seem closer together. I add that last bit because, perhaps, it will make you reconsider. “I’m here until Wednesday,” I say. You smile.

“lives right here in Halifax” by Julia on her couch

Friday February 21, 2014
5 minutes
The Vinyl Cafe radio show

Oh that’s where my ex girlfriend was born! In Halifax. She used to brag about it like it was the best place on earth. Not saying that it was or that it is, but she was proud so that was the thing we went on. She kept telling me I had to go to Halifax, I had to see Halifax. I was planning to go just as much as she was but there was always something that got in the way. Big storms, delaying take off, or canceling flights all together, or someone in one of our families dying. It wasn’t meant to be I guess. My ex, she’d always say it, that it was a crying shame I never got to go. I told her that maybe someday I would. It doesn’t matter now, we haven’t been together for years.