“cut your hair” by Julia at her desk

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
5 minutes
the ARTS Section of the Globe and Mail
Saturday May 25th edition

She had asked him nicely if he would do it for her. She didn’t anticipate he’d put up much of a fight, what with her long black spider lashes and big doe eyes. She didn’t even care if his hair was shorter. She mainly just wanted to see if he would oblige her. Samson and Delilah, she thought to herself. She could get a grown man to cry, let alone inspire him to cut his hair. That was the easiest thing she had tried to do all day. She had a natural gift for undoing the done up and unwinding the wound. She wasn’t trying to be manipulative. No. Not at all! What she wanted was the instant gratification of succeeding in an otherwise unsuccessful situation; to add notches to her ego belt; to come out as the most influential partner in this…well….loving relationship.