“Women simply take better care of themselves” by Sasha at Black River Farm

Thursday January 2, 2020
5 minutes
The Compass In Your Nose
Marc McCutcheon

In hushed voices (I hush you a million and twelve times and every time you hate it and every time you forget to lower your voice! Oh this age of whispering and hushing!) Lying beside sleeping Lola, arms splayed, fingers touching my breast, your beard. You say that this is a matriarchy here, and it is, you’re right. I wonder when this started, this women rising full belly full heart full mind. The generation before ours, I think. The one ring in the tree before this one, the one we built, the one we made the next ring from. You come from a patriarchy, a place where the men speak louder, a place that I don’t know the terrain of completely, even after these stretching years, taut and long, but still so much unknown, so much yet to be understood. Children here, in the matriarchy, are at the top, because we know that if we raise them to be attuned, to be wise, to be powerful, we might save something that the ring before forgot about, might bring back something lost a long time ago.

“A woman came out of the farmhouse.” By Sasha on the 84

Monday, March 12, 2018
5 minutes
Exactly What To Say
Kim Church

A woman came out of the farmhouse
and at first I didn’t know who she was
at first I didn’t recognize those
lightning eyes and that sea foam hair

Then I realized it was you
and I fell to my knees
I muddied my knees
I shook my hands at the clouds
the whites of God’s eyes
I shook my hands and I cried out
your name

On that land where babies are born
and ancestors died on that land
there you were all wrinkles and time
and grief and amazement

It’s spring so that’s fitting
the garden overwhelming
the garden full of
crocuses and ranuculus
and anemone
and hellebore and rose

“feel free to play around” by Sasha at her kitchen table

Monday January 8, 2018
5 minutes

My daughter and her daughter sit on their
front porch and sing to the shrubs

My daughter and her daughter walk to the river
and throw stones in
see how the current weaves

My daughter and her daughter
peel clementines and eat the sections slow
fussing turns to laughter turns to fussing
turns to laughter turns to nap

My daughter and her daughter sleep in a bed
with lavender tucked in the pillowcases
dream of a time when the world might be better
dream of a future where there’s curiosity and hope

“All it takes is time.” by Sasha on her couch

Friday April 11, 2014
5 minutes
A quote by Kurt Vonnegut

You’re comforted by the past – “I was the captain of the Basketball team!” You say. “I was Prom King,” you smile, “and I got early acceptance to all six universities I applied to…” You relish in those “good ol’ days”. “I beat the record time for the hundred metre dash,” you tell me. “I used to be able to slam dunk, did you know that?” I did, but I shake my head.

You were born in an age where these things mattered. You were born in a place where when you were there, everyone felt good, felt glad, felt warm, felt lucky. It’s no surprise that I’m the only one that you haven’t alienated, my mother (your daughter) can hardly stand to think about me coming over every Sunday and taking you grocery shopping. “Grandpa, tell me the story of how you met Grams?” I ask, trying to get you out of your narcissistic spiral. “Oh, that’s a good story. That’s a very good story…” You smile and sigh. You rub the bridge of your nose. “I met Rosemary in the doctors office at the University of Toronto. She had the brightest red hair I’d ever seen. Her cheeks were flushed. I sat beside her, frozen peas on my sprained ankle, and I asked her what was wrong. She was taken aback! She was a shy girl from the country, you know. And I was there on full scholarship, starting point guard, top of my class?”

“intently and furiously” by Sasha on her couch

Thursday March 5, 2014
5 minutes
We Did
Brian Doyle

I will make you a pipe cleaner crown intently and furiously. You are a Queen and you deserve such a thing. I will use purple and green and bright gold. Purple and green, colours you love, and gold, to push your boundaries. You’re getting braver in your old age, with your colour accents and costume jewellery earrings. You will wear your pipe cleaner crown everywhere, even when you’re swimming laps at the pool, even when you’re at the green grocer picking cucumbers and fresh basil, even when you’re sleeping. People will finally pay you the respect you deserve. “Nice crown!” They will say. “What a beautiful headpiece!” They might call.