“Castorland Puzzle” By Julia at her desk

Monday October 6,2014
5 minutes
from the Castorland Puzzle box

Ok Go. You have. Yeah. Two. Two minutes. So what? Seriously. Do it. Do it. What? Do it! Ok. OKAY. Full words only. I will try. I will try! Describe the furniture. Shit. In the living room. No, shit! In the kitchen. K. I mean Ok. Sorry. Ok. Table. Brown. Wood. Wooden? Brown wood. Whatever. Four legs. Obviously. Yeah. I know. Ok. Wood chairs. Wooden chairs? Ugh! Three of them. One broke. Broken doesn’t count. So three. Yeah. Cushions. Don’t count? I don’t know! Do they? Ok. No cushions. Well, two cushions. No not three. One broke! Ok! Three wooden chairs. Wood. Whatever. Done. That’s it! I know. It’s small. It’s a small. Kitchen. Right. Ok. Living room now! One couch. Ummm. Shit. Grey. Cotton. No. That’s so stupid. Flannel? Ummm….. Fuck! What the shit. Is it ribbed? Materials. Ribbed? Like CORDUROY! Yeah. Sweet. Ok. One table! One wood/ wooden table. Coffe table, shit! One TV stand!

“UHAUL” by Julia at her desk

Saturday, August 24, 2013
5 minutes
From the front of a UHAUL truck

calendar had the days all crossed out, it was the 1st, she was moving out.
made lots of big plans for the dresser she no longer wanted.
had called a couple guys to come in and do all the heavy lifting.
was looking forward to the new bay windows, the counter space, and the balcony.
promised herself she was never going to live in a basement ever again.
no matter how much debt she was in.
and she was in debt.
she had refused her parents’ money when they offered to pay off her student loans so she’d be interest fee.
she said she was trying to make a name for herself and couldn’t do that if she was relying on handouts.
little post-its-remember-me notes were tacked on every single box.
some of the notes to herself, written by herself, were directions on how to hold the box, or where to place the box.
she didn’t have any faith in the couple guys she’d arranged to have.
she didn’t want any of her precious furniture to be scratched because some muscle bound monkey wasn’t capable of being gentle.
she was panicked, but excited.
she was looking forward to this new house, new home, new life, that she was creating.
maybe, she considered, firing the movers. just doing it herself just in case.