“How could God?” By Julia on the faculty lounge patio

Thursday September 26, 2019
5 minute
God Never Blinks
Regina Brett

How could you forget me
in the aisle at the grocery store
in the hallway with my coat on while you were saying goodbye to everyone at the get together

how could you say I’d be saved and then leave me there
to fend for myself
when they all asked me why you took away the people they loved: their grandfathers, their mothers
where were you when they chose me to blame?
As if at 14 I could carry the weight on my own

I followed you with a bag over my head, with my eyes scooped out

I followed you to the edge of the cliff, chased by angry hyenas, and I waited there, as if the pit was not filled with more of them

“this music has more religion in it than any church” by Julia at her dining table

Wednesday February 17, 2016
5 minutes
from a YouTube comment by GB3770

I pray at the church of kindness, I can’t settle for anything less than that as my temple. I don’t believe in a God that won’t invite us all to play, that condemns for ignorance, that promotes the weak and bludgeons the strong. I don’t believe in a God that withholds, that accepts money as the only currency, that won’t forgive us for very arbitrary, yet non-negotiable acts. I bow my head at the alter of generosity. It’s the only home I ever feel safe enough to lower my shield in. It’s the only thing that moves me to a state of rejoicing. Don’t give me that hearsay scripture, that haunting, beautifully crafted by poets rule book. I worship at the church of soul music. The kind that lifts your skin off your bones just enough to make room for grace.

“I can’t wait to meet you” by Julia on the 506 going west

Tuesday June 4, 2013
5 minutes
From a Target billboard on College

She had on a fringed leather jacket that she swore to herself she’d never ever wear. A lot of things were like that for her. She also said she’d never try those pointy witch shoes but they became popular and then she wore those too. Her worst fear was losing herself, completely cognizant of how much of a sell out she was becoming with each new thing she’d said she’d never do or eat or feel. She remembers telling JoJo that she wouldn’t be caught dead doing PDA and if she ever did to legitimately shoot her. Not dead, just in the foot or something so she would have to feel the punishment of being a hypocrite. We’re all hypocrites, JoJo told her. But she wasn’t in the mood for sympathy. She wanted to hide her newly tattooed arm under long sleeves until she could scrape up enough confidence to wear the thing out loud, in public. It was a personal tattoo. She had gotten it for her father when he passed away and it reminded her of how loved she was by that man. More by him than any other human she’d ever met. But for some reason it wasn’t right to show. JoJo hadn’t even seen it yet.