“silence that voice.” By Julia at her desk

Wednesday October 3, 2018
5 minutes
Sitting in the Fire
Pema Chodron

She doesn’t whisper anymore
she begs
she wants me to be loud
that’s my goddamn mantra anyway
Yell Woman, Yell As Loud As The Moon
But the pull of this river is telling me something different
That I should quiet the voice quaking
that I should walk in silence and observe the wind moving
I am being tested every second and there are so many seconds
which mountains I’ve made and which I’ve climbed
I am fairly certain there have been no molehills worth dying on
I know that is what the pull is saying
the one that doesn’t whisper anymore
The one that doesn’t say anything at all
Wisdom is knowing you are right and not beating a love
over the skull with how right you are
and how wrong they have been
It is about knowing deep within and underneath bone
that sometimes saying less is saying more
and saying nothing is saying nothing

But what about the Yell Woman.
The Women of Yell that I have built all my bridges on
They rumble sometimes
and still
I must sit

“a little bit of this” by Sasha at the kitchen table in the Angel’s Nest

Friday January 2, 2015
5 minutes
from a St. Germaine song

A little bit of the kind of thing you can’t learn from a book or you could but you don’t so there.
A little bit of spicy black pepper red pepper yellow pepper green pepper gives me heartaches.
A little bit of jealousy at the way she harnesses her memories they are so close to mine so far from mine so close to what I wish I could make.
A little bit of be here now be here now.
A little bit of six year old wisdom of six year old genuine curiosity.
She’s braver than me. Holy shit. She’s braver than you. Yup.
A little bit of turning off the screen turning up the soup on the stove turning over the new year new leaf of love and relaxation and flexibility.
That’s the word for this year for me for you (?) For me for sure no question mark there.
Inner and outer the out is the in and the in is the out but inside I feel taller than I am inside I feel stronger than I am outside I feel as full as I do inside.
The balance of strength and flexibility.
A little bit of strength a little bit of open open open open opennnnnnn.