“I’m from a lot of places” by Sasha on her bed

Friday November 8, 2013
5 minutes
overheard from a customer at Sambuca Grill

I’m from the ravine in Scarborough
With the crow’s that call
And the ants that carry their dead friends.
I’m from the yellow door-ed house off of Kingston Road
With the crown moulding
The big kitchen
Perfect for practising ballroom dancing.
I’m from the semi on Juniper
Up the street from the IGA
With walls thin enough to hear my sister
Telling secrets to the page.
I’m from Parkdale.
I’m from Little India.
I’m from North York.
I’m from this square of linoleum that’s two shades lighter than the others.
I’m from the streetcar to the end of the line.
I’m from a red-headed woman.
I’m from the bicycle tire that’s low on air but high on freedom.

“I’m from a lot of places” by Julia at her desk

Friday November 8, 2013
5 minutes
overheard from a customer at Sambuca Grill

I’ve been to the moon and back! The moon and BACK! I’ve settled for a million white lies painting my bedroom a colour I could stand looking at. I’ve been to the MOON. I’ve dreamed in shapes and numbers and it made sense to me. I’ve found my way through your brain while you’re sleeping and mumbling something about pink hot pants. I went there. I went there and I came back, and every time I come back to whatever back is, it’s different. So I’ve been to a lot of places. I’m from a lot of places, really. I’ve been to the sun and back! The SUN! THE SUN! I’ve filled my belly with worry and words and perfectly dewed grass blades in a park, in a backyard, in a green house. I’ve let my mind wander to find the key to the secret dwellings of the universe. I wouldn’t have gone by myself. I’ve taken good trips and bad trips and told everyone around me that I was going to stay there. They wouldn’t understand but they’d think it was a good idea if I seemed so hell-bent on it. I’ve been to hell and back, to heaven on earth, and heaven in heaven, which though similar, are very different things. I’ve been to here and there, and I’m from everywhere. From the moon, from the sun.