“half-way dressed” by Julia in R’s studio

Wednesday May 15, 2019
5 minutes
Peer Pressure
James Bay Ft. Julia Michaels

There’s a sugar cube in your voice
All the words you don’t say
you’re humming to me, baby, I can feel it
and I want you to want me this way forever

There’s nothing I’d rather do, skin on skin
with our built in heating system
want to keep our sweat kissing forever, babe

This shirt is leaving after this sentence
yours on the floor like they’re keeping each other company
I want to hear your heartbeat in my sleep
clock strikes another minute spent in
this moment wanting only you

Take my mouth and fill it with your favourite
song, sing into my tongue with the slow
burn you’re famous for
If I could find this in the afterlife
I would take you with me and leave everything
else behind, babe

Take my smooth and find your place in it
I’ll be waiting
I’ll be right here in it

“her notebook is reserved for” by Julia at her desk

Monday April 22, 2019
5 minutes
You Are Our Witness
Debbie Urbanski

jotting down ideas
making lists:
to pack
to do
things in point form, bullets, pew pew
asking questions
love notes
money coming in
ideas to revisit
letters to self, also love
story shaping
deep investigations of the heart
deep investigations of the mind
deep investigations of the body
reasons why
reasons why not
sketches made from spelling errors
swear words
reliving dreams
letters never meant to send
penmanship practice
workshop plans
the date
the time
Accountant information
timed writing
free writing
bad writing
good writing
new writing
risky writing
flow charts

“confused about her life path” by Julia on her couch

Sunday January 29, 2017
5 minutes
from Clairvoyance
Mary Ellen Flora

There are days that pass that feel lighter than they are because the heaviness is elsewhere. But when the heaviness is back it’s all that there is. Nothing relative. Nothing to compare it to, it is everything and nothing and nothing that is everything. One day last week KT laughed at her self for returning to her desk with toilet paper stuck to the bottom of her shoe. She didn’t mind the tiny thing and wasn’t embarrassed. That was a heaviness is elsewhere kind of day. Today KT can’t stand without crying and can’t smile without lying and so she does neither. Pete doesn’t ask her what is wrong because he knows she will say nothing or everything and both will be either. He knows that it is nothing and everything but he can’t do a single thing to help.

“If you catch some salmon in October” by Julia on her couch

Tuesday March 3, 2015
5 minutes
Ramon Esquivel

I haven’t told you this but there’s a black cloud that hangs over your head every time you enter a room. It sits in the upper right corner of your human bubble and it looks pretty heavy. I really thought it would pass: the storm would come down eventually (after threatening to so consistently), the grass would be nourished (after being teased with water), and the sun would pop out and say, “Just kidding! I’ve been here all along!” But you never stopped turning shared spaces grey and you never stopped shifting the feeling of an entire room, or influencing the mood of a whole group of people. I suppose I wanted you to know this so you could potentially fix it for your future interactions. Part of me, however, thinks I’m getting good at making up excuses for you.

“What can I do for you?” by Julia on the subway going West

Monday March 2, 2015
5 minutes
From a Pattison subway ad

She listened with a humility and a grace that couldn’t be articulated. You saw it in her face, the way she smiled with her eyes, the way she held the room with her silence. I didn’t know if I was watching the speaker or the listener, the dreamer or the doer. She was everything at once, and everyone without noticing. There was a love in the room, a moving buzz through the place, almost singing the same song, almost humming a non existent tune. It was bigger than us. It emanated through our eyes as we connected our souls to a soul with infinite outlets. “Plug into me,” she whispered, “I have enough light for all of us…”

“rather than something crafted from odds and ends” by Julia at her desk

Sunday November 23, 2014
5 minutes
from a quote by Mary Catherine Bateson

She leaves a note on the kitchen table
Says there’s pizza in the oven and yogurt in the fridge if you’re hungry
I observe her life without her there
Taking it in, seeing how big of a fan she is of Bob Dylan
The sink is filled with a paste of flour and water
Pancakes, she says, taste better at midnight
I wander through her closet, see her obsession with shoes
Shoes and shoes and belts and shoes
I leave her drawers
I don’t go in them even though I want to
Even though I want to know everything
I can’t stop thinking about the kiss she didn’t give my mouth
But the kiss she wrote on paper
I can keep the one she left there
On the table top with a small bowl
A spoon
And a coffee pot on a cutting board
She wants to care for me in her way
And I could stay all day in her dirty kitchen
Scrubbing the stove free of pancake paste
And smiling to myself

“we find out the heart” by Julia at Sambuca Grill

Saturday, September 14, 2013 at Sambuca Grill
5 minutes
Tear it Down (Poem)
Jack Gilbert

wants what it wants
loves who it loves
waits for what it waits for
misses who it misses
aches for who it aches for
dreams of who it dreams of
quits who it quits
bleeds what it bleeds
needs what it needs
holds on to what it holds on to
remembers what it remembers
sings what it sings
wakes when it wakes
sleeps when it sleeps
opens when it needs to
closes when it has to
relies on what it relies on
pumps for what it pumps for
breaks for who it breaks for
grows for what it grows for
listens to what it wants to
speaks up when it needs to
believes what it wants to
seeks what it seeks
finds what it finds
learns to love what it learns to love
we find out the heart is a powerful thing. it is everything and everything and everything. it is music.
it will be an entity on its own and part of a functioning, living, breathing, organism.
it is delicate.
it is strong.
we find out the heart is filled with tears and laughter, stored in different compartments.
we keep it caged in a box, or we wear it out on our sleeves.
we find out the heart is alive.