a friend, and all around super amazing person” by Sasha at Casa Violeta

Thursday October 12, 2017
5 minutes
From the Bunz faceboook page

Hello Edmonton!

Wow. That’s a bit of a weird thing to say but I’m just going to go for it. I just moved to this wonderful city and wow, it’s a bit hard to meet people in the dead of winter. Never really understood that phrase until moving here. LOL. I’m a British guy in my mid twenties. I work in the oil industry (GASP). LOL. Looking for a friend, and all around super amazing person to hang out with, maybe go to the gym (central GoodLife is where I’m signed up right now), movies, beers, whatever. If you’re a female, open to it developing into more, but, not really looking for anything serious. Reach out if you’re cool, chill, fun, and looking for a new friend. Or more. LOL.

“my flight leaves for Edmonton” by Sasha in the Kiva

Thursday June 8, 2017
5 minutes
Overheard at Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre

“It’s okay if you want to cry. I can see that you’re – ”

“I’m not going to cry.” Dan smacks my hand away from his face.

His flight leaves in three hours and we haven’t decided if I’m taking him to the airport or he’s going in a taxi. Public transit is now no longer an option.

“I could still come with you?” I look at my toes.

“No. No… I need to do this alone,” he says, finally making eye contact. Tears brimming.

“Why won’t you let me support you?” I try not to sound like I’m asking something of him. Everyone is asking something of him.

“I’m trying, Gem, but it’s just like – … I don’t even know what I need so how am I supposed to tell you what I – …”

His phone rings. It’s Joanne, his stepmother. Everything in the room gets very still

“the feeling when you’re in too deep” by Sasha at her kitchen table

Tuesday November 5, 2013
5 minutes
Dave Matthews Band

When Sally and I finally got there, we were fighting like Mom used to say we’d fight when we were kids. She blamed that car accident on us, you know. Said we were fighting so bad that she got distracted. She didn’t see the truck making a left turn. “Why don’t you use the indicators!” Sally yelled at me, as we were pulling into Edmonton. “You want to drive?” She didn’t have a Driver’s License. Or, rather, she did, but she’d had it suspended. She glared at me. “You’re a real piece of work, Kali,” she hissed, opening a fruit leather. We didn’t talk for awhile. When we were getting close to the house, Sally put her hand on my shoulder. “You turn into a real bitch when you’re nervous,” she said. “Takes one to know one,” I couldn’t look at her. She looks so much like Dad, that sometimes just seeing her nostrils flare makes me want to scream.