“The Best And Worst Of” by Julia in her bed

Tuesday December 12


5 minutes

from uproxx.com

And now since you asked I don’t know what to say. Do I love you, yes, do I want you, yes.

Do you see me.

The best part of me was I could write circles around you. The worst part of you was that you could pretend that wasn’t happening. We didn’t feed each other proper toast. We didn’t call down the chimney in a rotting feast of anger. I can’t answer you safely. I don’t trust my own tongue in a game of truth of dare. I don’t let her speak if she’s quivering.

I once thought you were minnow, me a whale, and I’d swallow you whole. I’d take every skin on your knees and hold them.

“Important passages” by Sasha at her desk

Monday October 24, 2016
5 minutes
Jacob Neusner

there’s a bridge atop a tree atop a cliff
it creates a passage from one side to the other
only the brave and broken know where to find it
have hands and feet that know the knots to grip and
branches to swing up from
momentum will be a friend but not a guide
only the brave and broken know the intricacies of a
delicate and powerful tree climb
at the top of the cliff and up the tree
when you make it
you’ll gaze out over the pregnant horizon
you’ll see buildings and highways
gulls and sailboats
ant-sized people
before you cross the bridge
atop the tree
atop the cliff
before you cross from one side to the other
you take a breath
all the times you’ve kissed a face you love goodbye
all the groggy mornings
before water
all the moments
like this one
that you’ve dared to resist the urge to jump

”Many people want love to function like a drug,” by Julia on the 505 going east

Monday, June 15, 2015
5 minutes
A quote by bell hooks

Do me fix me haunt me lick me
i want that kind
that sticky kind
that getting matted in your hair kind
tangled in your feelings
watching a parade
dare me wear me tear me care me
i want that kind too
that exposed kind
that open and vulnerable scary and beautiful kind
accepting and overwhelming
sitting side by side at the river
ease me lift me tease me shift me
i want that kind
that vibrant kind
that moment intensifying everything is interesting kind
promises projected in each other’s eyes like a private motion picture show

“we dare be brave” by Sasha on her porch

Wednesday, July 2, 2014
5 minutes
Touched by an Angel
Maya Angelou

By choosing this, we dare to be brave. By choosing each other, we dare greater than we ever dared. We dare wide, we dare bright, we dare into the deep bat caves and find clumps of hair and photographs of when we were smaller, less brave versions of ourselves now.

We dare to be brave when we break. We dare higher when we leave what we have loved to find what we will love. We dare when we pack our favorite things in boxes and leave them by the side of the road. We have made so many promises. They sink to the bottom or they float on top. One or two have sprouted lilies. One or three have turned to weeds at the bottom and tickle our feet when we swim.

“feeling my legs” By Julia at R Squared

Monday February 25, 2013 at R Squared
5 minutes
Chaos Comes Again
Wilhelmina Baird

Jordie and in are going to run to the Starbucks at the end of our street–like a race–and then whoever is last has to buy the coffee! Yuck! Neither of us even like coffee, but a dare’s a dare and if we show up with nothing , then Al will think we didn’t even run or that we were scared. People in there always have their laptops and always look up at kids when they’re in there as if they should be attached to a leash or something. I only know this because like, my mom says that about other kids and I think every time–I could be one of those kids. Jordie is more that kid than me. If you give him like, a couple packs of unopened sugar, the next thing you know it’s all been dumped into ketchup cups or on the floor. Jordie is so bad he gets a timeout from my mom too. She hates disciplining Jordie but thinks his mom doesn’t do a very good job. Jordie’s not as fast as me but I know he doesn’t have three Dillard’s or the coffee dare. We have to get extra sugar first do we can drink it–with the lid on do we can run back and we can show Al we did it. I have an idea in my head to slow down just at the end to Jordie beat me. My mom gave me five dollars to buy bread. I’ll just explain the whole thing to her later.