“I am weak willed when I want to be” by Sasha at the dining room table

Monday September 23, 2019
5 minutes
The Doctor and the Soul
Dr. Victor E. Frankl

I am a weak willed wildebeest when I want to be
I will cave under the smallest pressure
under the legs of an unassuming ant
pressing downwards downwards
downwards towards the middle

I am the tallest turning trombone when I want to be
I will reach for the treetops
touch the cloud bellies
make a sound that the small bird flying
up above the rest hears and
she laughs laughs laughs

I am a contagious celebrator cuttlefish when I want to be
I will blow every horn and fill the balloons to the brim
dance a jig on the hour every hour
repeating the names of all the good cuttlefish
all the holy schools
repeating gratitude from the ground to the tip


“Maps of the sea floor” by Sasha at Nova Era Bakery

Monday June 3, 2013
11:18am at Nova Era Bakery
5 minutes
National Geographic May 2013

Tell me the word you’re thinking of, that word that sits on your tongue like a pearl, that’s usually there when you wake up, that’s usually there when you’ve been quiet for awhile. Tell me that word that sits on your seafloor, below the belugas and the cuttlefish, below the hammerhead sharks and the coral reef. I’ve heard some words before, other people’s, when I gave them everything, when I devoted myself to their comfort and sleeping in the crook of their arms, in that soft place beside their shoulders. I’ve heard the word “lie”, the word “mother”, the word “thanks”. Now I’m yours. Now, I want your word, the ultimate communion, the union of this murky love.