“The courage that my mother had” by Julia at her desk

Tuesday September 10, 2019
5 minutes
The courage that my mother had
Edna St. Vincent Millay

They all bet on her, did you know that?
She was the quietest one and they all
put down their twenty-dollar bills with
confidence. “She’s going to be last.”

When my mother was in labour with my
brother, nobody saw it coming. She is
not the kind of person to screech or
claw, but she will sit softly on the
edge of her heart being thrust into
outer space, into another dimension.

She has always been this way,
underestimated, as though physical
size were an indication of anything.
She did not complain. Not when her
head was throbbing, or her knee
threatened to make her sorry she
ever tried to walk. Not when her
knuckles furled in on themselves,
not when she was giving birth to
all three of us.

She simply did it. Quietly.
And I did not inherit that
from her.

When the nurses found out that my
mother was the first of all the
labouring mothers to deliver,
they yelled at her.
“You just lost me twenty bucks,

““Ha, ha, we’re all in this together” faces” by Julia in Brooklyn

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
5 minutes
from http://www.flare.com/health/monica-heisey-tried-it-sweat-your-ass-off-fitness-class/

-It’s sweltering and sticky and I’m covered in mosquito bites, Paul.
-So you don’t like it here?
-No, I don’t like it here, I’m the worst version of myself here.
-But you love to scratch!
-I like to be scratched, I do not like being kept awake BECAUSE I’m scratching.
-I don’t seem to have any…
-Well why don’t you brag about it, Paul, because they seem to have forgotten the code. I even have them on my fucking face.
-What’s the code?
-I don’t know, the one that states they can’t violate me completely by biting me everywhere on my body and also my face.
-I don’t get it.
-I wouldn’t expect you to.
-Are you going to be able to handle another night?
-Well we’re here aren’t we?
-Yeah, we’re all in this together, huh?
-Mhm. You, me, and the mosquitoes.

“Compliment, Congratulate” by Sasha on her couch

Saturday January 4, 2014
5 minutes
Actions-The Actor’s Thesaurus Marina Calderone and Maggie Lloyd-Williams

“I’ll have the garden salad and then I’ll have the Rigatoni.” “I’ll have the soup and Lasagna.” “I’ll have a beer. What do you have on tap?” “We don’t have beer on tap. Only in the bottle.” “I’ll have a Stella.” “We don’t have Stella.” “What do you have?” “The closest thing to Stella we have is probably Peroni…” “I hate Peroni…” “Well…” “Steven, stop being a dick.” “Ummmm…” “I’ll have a glass of Chianti.” “Great choice.”
Step. Step, step step step. Step. Step.
“Ohmygawd I have the worst friggin table…” “Yeah?” “Yeah! Like total friggin bitchfaces!” “What did they – ” “Can I get more bread? Can I get more hot water with lemon? Can I get a punch to the face? Um… Do you have a bathroom?! NO! NO we don’t. We don’t have a bathroom where you can vomit up your cream sauce and snort a rail! Sorry! Fuck you very much!”
Step step step step.
“It says “Chianti.” “Shit.” Pour. “Thanks.”
“Your wine, sir.” “Yup.”
Step step step step step step step.